Half of Charges Dropped in Pirate Bay Case



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Lord Omega

The last time they tried to take PB down, they foiled that. Even if they manage to get the heads of PB, Frederick Neij and his other co-works have most likely made provisions to make it so that if you take if they go down, Pirate Bay does not. >.> Him and the rest of his friends are not that dumb. They always find a way out.


I came

I saw

I left



Good, I like that pirate bay stays up. There are seldom occasions I use it, but when I do, it's for legally owned software where my disc's are broken, missing or I lent it to a friend(where it got damaged, lost, or I can't get it back from them). Most recent was for Call of Duty 4, I bought it off steam, booted it in multiplayer, wrote out the keycode, and then uninstalled it and installed the torrent of the ISO. Now if steams servers are having problems or it can't connect, or my internet is out, I can play single player of CoD4 if I please. Or when my BF2 discs were destroyed while moving, the booklet was in order, so the key was fine, but I had no discs. I choose to use filesharing in the correct, legal means of the system. I didn't go to gamecopy world and get a nocd-fix, I took a mdf + mds files for each of my games that require cd's to play, so I don't have to swap discs on my cd drive (You should see my number of virtual drives..i should clean it up). That also helps those whom have a laptop without a cd drive(Few and far between but they're there and they can run Warcraft 3, Diablo 1 & 2 and Starcraft.) or whose cd drive is broken, it gives them the ability to install their games again. I don't use it for pirating games, or movies, or music. If a movie interests me, i go to the theatre to see it because i like the gigantic screen, if a game interests me i'll buy it, if there's no demo and a friend has it, I'll borrow it and try it out, if they don't, I'll buy it, if I don't like it, I'll return it, that's what returns are for. I do the very same thing for consoles.

If you look at it from my point of view...everything in the world can be used negatively (Cars, the internet, TV even) and positively. How you use it defines its morality.



That's exactly the way I see things, and that's how it should stay.  Back when I still played WoW, I had someone buy me Lich King at the launch event while I downloaded the game on bit-torrent, so I ended up being one of the first people to log in with the expansion.  And as for shutting down PB, there's still more torrent search engines available, have fun trying to shut those down as well.

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