Haleron Launches a $149 Mini Tablet, Does This Prove Apple is Overcharging?



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Somehow the release of a small tablet PC is proof Apple is over charging? That's a dumb question. Now we get a flame war over the perceived value of the Apple experience v Windows experience, and the Apple Tax. Which has nothing to do with this little bugger. Now the usual battle lines are drawn, the regular arguments come out, blah blah blah, heard it all before. This the author's fault, and I'm calling you  out Justin Kerr. You write a baiting article to induce another flame war. Did you study journalism under Hearst during the lead up to the Spanish American war? This isn't good journalism, its yellow journalism. You haven't proved your point nor have you informed us on the topic other than there exists a cheaper device that competes in the same space. This isn't proof Apple is making a healthy margin, nor is it proof Apple is fleecing their customers. It doesn't even ad steam to that argument because iLet mini isn't really a direct competitor to the iPad, its specs are way out of line for that.  This is nothing more than a cheap shot at Apple. Is that really what MaximumPC stands for? Your editor should be ashamed that you get to post this drivel.



I agree completely. 



If the OS isn't Red Hat, I won't use it.



I am saying the Apple experience is superior to the WIN PC experience NOT as an opinion but based on the price that MILLIONS of people are willing to pay and not pay. That is the best barometer in this case because anyone can buy either freely in stores or on the internet. 

Why is the average selling price of a PC under $500 and dropping? Why do you price some things lower than others? - WHEN YOU DO NOT FEEL IT'S WORTH IT TIMES MILLIONS of people - example: 5 years ago, you might pay $5k for a 50" TV set but what is the average selling price of a 50" TV now? Maybe $1,200 or even under $1K? Why? BECAUSE MOST people buying Tv set now do not feel paying an extra $$2-$4K is worth it ... it's EXACTLY the same with a PC. Most WIN PC buyers buy on price alone because why? Because you don't feel it's worth more, right? Would you pay for an $15 burger at McD? No ... why - because you do not believe there is a burger worth $15 at McD? But a $3 burger - literally a BILLION agree with their CASh that yes, it's a reasoanble amount to pay ... EXACTLY the same with a WIN PC ... why don't more people buy Sony vaio's? They seem really nicely built and with nice technology? Maybe because they are $1.5 to $2.5k and most Pc buyers don't feel they are worth it - right? Because the WIN PC experience is not worth paying an extra $1,000 or more?

We all have different price points - I'm just pointing that Apple users price their computing (and phone computing experience) at a much higher rate than WIN PC users. that is a statement of fact based on the average selling price of a Pc dropping to under $500 while a mac has hovered in the $1,300 to $1,500 range in the past 8 years ... in the short term, there will be faddish runs but 8 years? No. Even if you DON'T agree that it it's worth it - Clearly millions of people agree and millions disagree with you. Yes, they are both personal computers but in TWO separate stratas of mindhare and value - but this is NOTHING new from hotels to cars to shoes, we all have our value price points - just pointing out that comparing an Apple product aimed at a different audience is like asking a guy who stays at hostels who cannot understand why anyone would pay 10-20 times what he paid to stay at the Hilton. You have free will to stay at either but do not think a 410 hostel is the same as a Hilton. Both are lodgings but THEY ARE DIFFERENT products for different buyers. 





I'm going to agree with walnut. . . I can't read past the first paragraph of your post.  Do you really think that apple is better?  Do you really think that apple is doing something that different?

Marketing!  That's what apple does well.  The average American consumer does not read maximum pc.  The average American consumer is a bliddering idiot when it comes to computers.  Apple has made serious gains in recent years marketing to these idiots.  

I'm not even going to argue the extortianate prices, as I'm a huge sony fan.  I believe you pay for quality.  I will never be caught with a dell or an hp, even though these companies also have great products.  It's the principal.  But it doesn't change the fact that apple pcs are made from the same parts as those dells and hps.   I'll agree that they are well constructed, but for me they are much too effeminate, the os is limited in the programs it can run, they lack the versatility and customization of other manufacturers, and I really hate the need for propretary software and things of that nature.  Much as I'm impressed with the ipod touches I still won't throw out my beat up old zen vision m because those things don't have near enough capacity for the price and I will never ever use iTunes again. 

What really annoys me is when these idiots claim that apple is doing something cutting edge.  Pretty much every apple product has already been done by someone else.  Mr. Jobs however is just really good at marketing his products.

In regards to this whole iPad thing.  Do any of you actually want one of those?  I guess I'm confused.  What's the legitimate need or purpose of that.  I mean don't get me wrong I'd want one for the price of the shitty colombian knockoff, with the apple specs, without the apple casing and logo, but then I'd still have a hard time justifying the purchase.  



Clearly, Sir Jbelkin, doesn't understand economics and/or consumer trends, consumer behaviour and/or market demographics.

First off, if Haleron successfully markets this product as Apple markets their mediocre parts-bin products, they will sell like hotcakes.

Average prices are dictated by markets, supply & demand, manufacturing costs, distribution and many other  factors.
Excuse me but PC users love their computing experience! Hence boutique PC vendors, modding, SLI, Crossfire and many others! Apple? Off the shelf PC parts, yawn, last year's CPU, yawn, with 2 year old video cards and a GUI layered on top of an open source derived OS. Quad-yawn!

Personal satisfaction of product is NOT proportional or dependent on price. Just because an average price is higher than another product's average price doesn't mean the consumer's experience is better than the other guy's experience.

Sony Vaio, by the way, competes in a much bigger market, with more variety and value per dollar, than the mediocre fruity hardware sector! You might also want to check the number of units Sony sold in 2009 before conjecturing ad nauseum. Do your marketing research, please.

The $5K TV example is sheer nonsense. Price is high when new technology is introduced due to higher manufacturing cost and low initial adoption rates. It has nothing to do with how much they "feel" about paying for a product. Then again, some people just don't have the disposable income. Simple as that. Usually, it's the early adopters with available luxury money that buy the first units. Take Blu-ray players for example: People didn't buy them at first because they just couldn't afford them. The majority of consumers were able to afford them when the manufacturing cost went down and the adoption rates grew. Distribution is another factor.
If Apple had tried to survive on their PC sales division alone, Apple wouldn't exist today. It was cheapo iPods and iTunes that got them out of that hole. On a side note, Apple almost went bankrupt had Microsoft not invested $650 million in Office for Mac way back when the candy iMacs came out.

So much for Apple the computing experience and perceived value!

Heck, you can even install Windows7 on that Mac or better yet, go out and buy some real hardware and build a better rig for less money.

Again, personal satisfaction, perceived product value and affordability all vary. Yes, that's quoting the obvious and falling into mediocrity. Missing the point and not backing up claims with facts is another. 

In laymen's terms, Mr. Different-is-Different, missed the point by a mile and his argument is beyond weak and obtuse.  

MaximumPC readers know this already.

PS. McDonald's already sells a $1 burger for $3 and they'll even throw in 20cent fries for $2 with a 50cent cola for another $1.50 just like Apple markup their off-the-shelf standardized pc parts products 25% and more.  



Well said.

Jbelkin, I stopped reading when you made clear your primary argument is that "millions of people buy Macs and so they must be the best." Not only have you failed basic Economy and Psych, but math seems to be a weak spot, too. As does logical reasoning, as your own argument can be turned on its head by just about anyone over the age of four. All those millions of Mac users that are willing to pay extra for the awesome experience? They make up 5% of the market. 5% of computer users use Mac products. 5%. 92% use Windows.  



Very nicely written and well said!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Its called lack of competition thanks to them nixing hackintoshes and good marketing.  Well, and people like you falling for their marketing tricks.



I agree with the user that said this doesn't compare specwise to the ipad.  I mean sure this shows that you can get a tablet for $150, so why would you pay $500?  Probably because you want one that doesn't operate at a snail's pace and actually has enough storage for more than a few word documents.  For the record I am a PC user, not that it should matter.

When you compare the two the ipad pretty much stomps it in every category, so I think it's reasonable that the ipad costs much more.  Should the ipad sell for $100 less than it does?  Probably, but if Mac users are willing to pay a premium for the brand name then kudos to Apple's marketing team.  I mean, if it costs more than you think it's worth...don't buy it.

Personally I think the Haleron is a waste of money for about anyone.



The same company, Haleron has the iLet 10.  the mama to the mini.  Side by side, it kicks the A4 chip for speed, Options, and price.  But it is within $100 usd of the iPad.  However, as i said, The iLet 10 carries better RAM, More Memory, and a better price. that mini tablet hits a market that Apple will never go to.  And it opens the door to millions, including schools.  Or how about just as a color Reader. $100 less than the Kindle, ...I really think they have a hot product, and I wish them luck with this.  It is good to see someone finally making computing affordable.  BTW, they also have a Mini Extreme that can run Linux, or Win XP.  2GB RAM and 120GB HDD. They will release that in April the website says. That is one of the photos on the site that is being mixed with the normal mini.



This is total crap when compared to the iPad (spec wise).

I know it says it's running Windows CE, but the screen shot is of XP and that's a 10 year old OS. Cmon it should be running Windows 7.

Still won't buy the iPad, I'mma wait till something decent actually comes out, and by the looks of it I'm  going to be waiting a loooooooooooooong time.




The Ten Commandments of Apple: 

1. You shall have no other computers gods before me.

2. You shall not mimic or otherwise produce products remotly like mine, because I will sue you into Hell for that. 

3. You shall not take the name of Apple in vain, because Apple has indoctrinated you to believe, that they can do no wrong. 

4. You shall take your Iphone to parties, and spend your evening talking about apps with other people who have Iphones. 

5. You shall get bonus spirit points, if you make non-Iphone owners supremely jealous.

6. Honor your father and mother suffiently that they will reward you with the newest updated Apple gadget, every annual product refresh cycle. 

7. You shall not murder, unless we're talking running over someones Microsoft Zune, or anything Google. 

8. You shall not replace your own battery.

9. You shall covet your Apple product, your neighbors Apple product, your neighbor's wife's Apple products, well, just covet us. Period. 

10. You shall never question the value of an Apple product annoucement, because we truly do know better than you. 

Can't remember all of the Commandments? There is an app for that.



Is that an accurate photo (with the XP-esque desktop)? Or does CE just look a lot like XP?


Computer Whiz

I don't think that is an accurate picture, though I could be wrong, but Windows CE doesn't really look like XP.  Or at least not the versions of it I have seen.  CE is usually used on portable devices and looks more like this picture: http://www.bluewatersys.com/img/wiki/4/4e/Wince-screenshot.png/Wince-screenshot.png

I hope that answers your question.  Just Google image search "Windows CE."



That's the problem with a typical PC buyer these days, the WINDOWS OS experience has so devalued the experience that most buyers feel the ONLY way to measure the true value of a PC is by its parts. It's also not helped by the PC manufacturers not caring much about their brand name - if a guy in a shed has a power supply for $.001 cents less, they'll buy 2 million and slap it on in there. So to most PC buyers these day, they cannot concieve why anyone would pay more than the minimum, that somehow anyone who pays even a penny above the absolute minimum just didn't read every ad and ddn't search 50 internet sites ... it's 180 degrees different on the Apple side. It's a solid OS* coupled with a world class OS, and world class hardware so anything from Apple will be immediately be worth more because it's not a random assemblance of parts. This is evident if you check the resell of used Apple products - $200 to $300 for a used iphone to $600 to $1,400 on used Apple laptops. It's a DIFFERENT market ... its like people who shop for bread at the bread outlet store - they cannot understand why anyone would pay $4 for fresh baked bread ... it is what it is. PC buyers based on their experience with PC components and WINDOWS OS do not believe the personal computing experienceis worth more - that's why most PC buyers are not willing to buy Sony Vaio's - they are well built and well made with excellent components but with WIN OS - just not worth the difference between a Sony & the Walgreen's PC.

* Most PC Buyers do not believe that after 75 million OSX units out there, there are exactly ZERO virusus, trojans and spyware. THat's right - outisde of Symantec & MacAfee labs - ZERO. Again, that's reflected in the prices of the OS & hardware. You get what you pay for.




There are several things wrong with your statement. First off how is it a Different Market...its the PERSONAL COMPUTER MARKET!!! Or is apple not a personal computer? I have nothing against Apple OS its very nice and clean something Windows lacks in, I have used Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Unix os and they all do the same thing they run software. As far as hardware you say "PC buyers these days, they cannot conceive why anyone would pay more than that minimum" have you not heard of Alienware, Falcon Northwest, and Voodoo pcs? If your not aware this is maximum pc most people on these forums only use high-end parts...HIGHER END than what apples uses.


As far as viruses WHY CAN YOU DOWNLOAD AVAST FOR MAC FROM APPLE's website? but I'm sure they don't have any viruses because that would just be impossible wouldn't it? heres the link for you http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/networking_security/avastantivirusmacedition.html

Pull your head out of your Apple!!!!!!!!!!!! 



That's just another example of how apple has capitalized (or is at least attempting to) on the laziness and ignorance of the consumers. 

Sure apple's os is well designed despite it's compatability shortcomings, and it's good that the threat of viruses/malware/etc is considerably lower.  But do you know the primary reason there aren't many viruses for mac os?  Because, like one other user stated, windows is used by 92% pc owners.  If I made it a habit to develop malware, I'm pretty sure what my target os would be.  

More to the point, what the hell does it say about consumers that they would actually switch to apple (as in buy a new computer, an expensive one at that) rather than take a few steps to protect their pc?  Those commercials make me livid.

Chill out fanboy.



As a PC user, I have absolutely nothing against Mac users. I have something against Mac users who think they are superior because they use Macs. That's you. A computer is the sum of its parts and its software. Windows 7 is the fastest selling OS of all time. It's received rave reviews across the board. It's compatible with far more software than Mac OS is. I'm not telling you this because I don't like you; I'm telling you this because you clearly don't know better.

Both Mac OS and Windows are solid products. The difference is that Apple has somehow worked a deal such that it is illegal to use their software on anything other than their hardware. This means they can charge you as much as they want because they've blocked out competition. Anything from Apple is not "immediately worth more." They don't sit down and manufacture every single component in house. They get their hardware just like any other company, and then they rebrand it. Hell, the MacBook's processor is advertised as being made by Intel. It's a Core 2 Duo. That's a standard part that anyone can buy and pack into a machine. How the hell does this come across as being anything other than, as you would have it, a "random assemblance of parts?" Yes, they select their parts with care, but so does every other computer manufacturer. The only thing special about Apple hardware is the flashy white box with an apple engraved on it. If you believe otherwise, you're buying into the propaganda that they're using to sell products.

As far as "computing experience" is concerned, I would much rather use Windows than have to deal with Mac's unintuitive UI. But that's a personal thing. Computing experience is up to the user. Most of the market likes Windows better. If you don't, power to you. That's why alternatives exist, but don't make ignorant blanket statements meant to intentionally offend Windows users. 

And your virus statements are wholly uninformed. It's worth noting that a security expert has recently gone on the record stating that Macs are probably more vulnerable than PCs. Here: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/hack-windows-security-snow-leopard,8704.html

The thing about there not being any viruses is ridiculous. The only reference to a statement like that out of Symantec I could find was from 2006. That's four freaking years ago. And I couldn't even find the article on Symantec's site: just on a few blogs and an old Digg link. Viruses and exploits are introduced daily. You only hear about the ones that affect enough people to be worthy of mention. For Macs, that almost never happens. Not because they're uber secure, but because they represent a nearly-insignificant portion of the market share. If it's just as easy to target both platforms, but one will affect several times as many users, which platform would you go after? It's simple math. Why waste resources going for 5% of the market when you can go after 92% (http://marketshare.hitslink.com/os-market-share.aspx?qprid=9)? You wouldn't. Ever. By spreading Mac propaganda hoping to find converts, you're only hurting yourself in terms of security. More Mac users means more incentive for assholes to exploit Mac security holes (and yes, they do exist). My current computer has never seen a virus. I run a secure browser and a virus detection package (and I didn't pay a penny for either, if you're wondering). 

So yes, in short, you do get what you pay for. For $1000, I got a laptop that runs circles around a comparably priced MacBook at the time of purchase (and even now, over a year later), that is as secure as a Mac, and that runs my preferred OS, which happens to be more compatible than yours. I'll call it even if you promise to stop trolling with this shit.  



Some people like Mac OS and other like Windows. I have a MacBook at home and work on a Windows XP laptop at work. I love my MacBook. It's fun to use and it helps me to get the job done. My PC at works also helps me to get some job done but it's not fun to use.

If you are using Windows you have learned to do things one way. If you do the same on a Mac you do it differently. I notice this and also heard it from switchers. You have to learn how to use Windows. On a Mac you just do it. Windows is not intuitive. You just learned how to do it in Windows and that's why it's easier.

One example is the trackpad on my MacBook. It's fantastic and I have never connected a mouse to it. On my Windows laptop I just get irritated if I try to use that without a mouse.

I don't have any virus protection on my MacBook. I have on my Windows PC and I also had virus on that. I have read some articles about viruses on Mac OS X but all these have been trojans. The major reason for this is that you can't download an application and run it on a Mac without first acknowledge that that you are aware of that you have downloaded it before you execute it. This little simple thing helps much. There is no such thing as autorun in Mac OS X too.

 I don't care if you find a cheaper, faster PC. I pay a little extra to get the "Apple" experience and have fun when I use my computer. If there are some programs on Windows that I want to run I can do that too on my MacBook. But I prefer to use Mac applications.



Oliver the Geek

i agree with you about the misconception that many mac users have that they won't ever get a virus simply because they use a mac.  that's just ignorant.  my only point of contention to your little rant is that macbooks and imacs don't really cost much more than any other comparable computer.  the iMac starts at the same price as HP or Sony's all-in-one computers and the Macbook starts at the same price as a comparable laptop from Dell's Studio line (you can check best buy and dell websites to confirm this).  btw, apple never rebranded any of the parts they use, they advertised their switch to intel quite a bit, in fact.



The key word here is comparable. I bought this laptop a year and a half ago for $950 and, looking at the current $999 MacBook specs, I can say that I have: the same processor, a comparable HDD, a faster optical drive, a MUCH better GFX card with twice the memory (and it's discrete, not shared like the MacBook), a bigger screen, higher native resolution, and TWICE the RAM. And it's a year and a half old. The current model blows this one out of the water.



Well said "Walnut"


There is even a news/article that stated the i(Maxi)Pad's CPU..(A4?) is actually NOT FROM Apple. It is from Arm.

About the virus thing, same thing happen on Linux. U practically never heard of virus attack in Linux...but that not mean Linux virus do not exist...it is just a low percentage users.



Pentium 0

Apple bought a chip fab who in turn licenses ARM architecture from ARM Holdings just like every other company. 



My HTC Tilt is more powerful than that thing



As much as Apple is most likely charging way more than they should, this thing hardly provides proof. I haven't done any computing on a processor that puny in over ten years. They sacrificed way to much for that price tag.


Pentium 0

So its slightly more powerful (40mhz) than my 2 year old samsung blackjack II. I'm drooling right now.  


Zachary K.

no, the fact that its apple proves that apple is overcharging.



True.  It was already stated that Apple make over $200 profit on each ipad.  $200?  Come on I mean really in this economy I don't think it should be that high.  Maybe $20 I would be ok with, but nothing in the hundreds.  Then again it doesn't do what it should, so I guess they figure they won't sell many, so they got to make their money somewhere.  If they didn't lock it down, and supported Flash, they would probably sell much more, and make more profit.  Oh, well.

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