Hackers Respond to Kinect Challenge



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Think robotics, with the ability to use it's 3d sensor, microphones, panning and tilting. This thing would be awsome when used with robotics, facial recognition, autonomous vehicles. the posibilities are endless.


Mighty BOB!

Can you play Crysis with it?

(Really.  How are you supposed to control a shooter with this thing?  At least with a Wiimote or a Move controller you have buttons in your hands.)



 I donno why folks think this will be that useful. Kinect is made to read full body movement from 6-8 feet away. I am sitting, what, 1.5 foot from my monitor? So where do I put the kinect? Behind me? on the ceiling? If it is just for voice, Drangon anturally speaking does fine controlling the PC. I also have a high res Logitech webcam that someone could certainly write hand waving recognition for.

  I just cannot see the need.



See years ago, I decided I liked the idea of using a controller on my pc, so I looked at the gaming controller, and the winner in my mind was the X-Box 360, so I compared the wired to the wireless and wireless won big time.  So I own this thing called an adapter, it connects my X-Box remote and my pc together. Why not allow this to do the same thing and even supported.

I know why Microsoft doesn't want this to be hacked, they want to have control over their products so that a bad driver of sorts doesn't ruin their product reputation. That is fair, but are they becoming a little too much like Apple, in their control of things, or are we hearing the same comment over and over again thinking that Microsoft has a witch hunt started when they just simply had a press release?



...they are doing this because they want you to, after buying WindowsNewFlavor, and OfficeMinorUpgrade, shell out more of your dwindling paycheck for an XBox, even if you don't want one.



The marketing guys at Microsoft weren't obviously included in this decision.  

The smart thing for them to do would be to offer a Win7/Win8 compatible version of the Kinect, thus ensuring a ready made audience who would purchase Win8 when it came out to unlock the more advance featuers  of the PC Kinect system. (The same way they tried to lure people to buy Vista by baiting them with Halo 3.)



"Microsoft does not condone the modification of its products,"

So that's a market you're ignoring. Smart guys. People are waking up and starting to realize that we should be able to do what we want with the products we buy.

I'll never likely own an Xbox, and so this would be nice if I could use this product.



Microsoft can't do shit because this isn't illegal.



You are right, but it's also not illegal to put in a chip to make the Kinect fry itself if you try to use a driver that was made by anyone other than Microsoft.

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