Hackers Now Likely to Set Your Printer on Fire from Afar, Researchers Warn



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I do have a modern HP Laserjet (they're reliable as all hell....still have a working one from 1994).  Someone at HP forgot that it isn't a good idea to let a user execute core system commands like only turning on the fuser.  Calibration/Cleaning/Printing should all be self-contained functions that makes it so the user can ONLY print a document and do nothing else.

It would be interesting though if this is in the vein of an injection attack where you can "print" a certain document that breaks out of the printer firmware's print routine and executes commands.



So I'm confused.  How do these crackers connect to the printer THROUGH the firewall to connect to these printers to issue the commands?  a LITTLE detail is a good thing here, MaxPC.



I have a OKI B4300 B/W Laser Printer, I have always turned off the Printer every time I am done or is that just me.



It is stories like this that make me afraid of cybernetic implants in the future.  I'd rather not have the code in my Deus Ex arms compromised and instructed to eject from my shoulders while driving at high speeds.

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