Hackers Crack the Code to Allow Non-Nvidia GPUs to Run PhysX



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Blocking the nVidia cards work  with the presence of AMD graphics cards and/or Lucidlogix Hydra is a criminal practice - an unfair bisiness practic, to be precise - where is the USA untitrust body?



 Well, if we're lucky, this will cause nVidia to wake up and realize that they made a mistake. I mean hell, if they released PPU's still, and had drivers that'd work regardless of which video card is in the system, they're still making a sale and getting dosh.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Nvidia is slacking bad and poor customer service as well, 1st you have to registar thier cards with almost all there board certified partners to get a life time and only have 30 days to do it, if not you get 1 year warranty. They don't tell you this on the box or in the documentation they hide it on their websites only, Nvidia's 9000 series was a joke, and when thier cards over heat they used to warn you they were over heating, when u had checked warn when over heating occurs. Instead of having this checked by default they just removed the option all together from there drivers. They do allow you to download monitoring software but it's not included in the drivers. Nvidia is the way it used to be played. I'm glad someone hacked thier PhysX, I wish they never bought them out.



Wow, blocking physx on systems with both ati and nvidia cards... thats just bad form right there. Whats next? Only allow physx on motherboards with nvidia chipsets? Scan the network for other computers with ati based cards? "Physx has been disabled due to the use of ati products on networked computer: DADSLAPTOP" I was on the fence as to whether to get the new radeon cards or hold out for fermi, but looks like I wont be needing to wait, I'm not supporting a company who uses these kinds of gustapo tactics.



You got me all excited and I downloaded the mod, only to find out you guys goofed on your reporting (I am pretty sure). This allows a Windows 7 machine with an ATI card AND an NVIDIA card to run physx. The nvidia card still does physx while the ati card is the primary card. This doesn't allow your ATI card to run physx.


Essentially all this does is reenable physx to those people it was disable for when nvidia pulled the plug on ATI and NVIDIA systems



"Nvidia is finding this out the hard way, after the GPU maker modified its latest PhysX drivers to prevent any non-Nvidia GPU from working..."

 All the time spent downloading and trying to figure out how to make this work, when you could have took 2 seconds to reread the post.

Your comment has it correct though...not sure if its just for win7.

Does anyone here even use this setup?  



"Nvidia is finding this out the hard way, after the GPU maker modified
its latest PhysX drivers to prevent any non-Nvidia GPU from working..."


When I read that, sounds like the physx was running ON the ATI card. It wasn't very clear to me.



It takes about several years for someone to make something, and a few months for someone to crack it. But all being said, I STILL WANT THE CODE. 



Way too go man!!!!! Stick it to the f*ing man!!  You'd think these sons of bitches would have learned about corporate ethics and the responsibility to the damn customer first (you know Nvidia-that guy that buys your product and puts food on your plate) after the creative "Daniel K" fiasco.  Creative is still trying clean up the bad press in the comunity after that (hell thats one of  the main reasons i own a turtle beach product lol).   Well hopefully ATI and Intel will also get the clue.  I was gonna wait to purchase that gtx 300 but screw Nvidia loyalty now, time to join the red tide.

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