Hacked iPhone Runs Linux



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Keith E. Whisman

There is actually software that gives you access to the Linux prompt in the G1. There are a few programs out that give you access to the OS under the GUI in the G1. It's pretty cool... 




I've seen an Ipod running Linux + Doom. If you are into this sort of thing (I think it's pretty swanky) You can get Linux to run on a PSP, Gamecube, N64, ps2 + ps3, xbox. One guy built a toaster that ran BSD, no not a case mod...an actual toaster who's heat coils were controlled by the embedded BSD OS.


Keith E. Whisman

Hey I can get linux to run on my PC as well..


Just kidding I really can but it just seams like a funny thing to say right now....


I heard there is a military radio handset that is in development now as we speak that uses Linux. It's one of those do everything radios.  

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