Gunnar Wants You to Look Cool in Your 3D Specs



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Please, someone kill this. I for one will not paying extra for some stupid ass glasses(I wear safety glasses all week at work, and don't want to wear glasses while relaxing). HD as it is is good enough, we don't need anything beyond that.



I couldn't care less about style. I'll only be wearing them in a dark room with people focused on a movie anyway. I do care about comfort, and these look to be a lot more comfortable than the crappy ones you get at the theater. Those prices are pretty steep though. The theater glasses aren't THAT uncomfortable. And there's more than one type? Does that mean I'd need to buy more than one pair? Definitely a deal-breaker there.

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The issue is not just about style but what about people who all ready wear real glasses. You can't wear both unless the 3D glasses look like a "CLOWN" huge glasses.



I'm actually a huge Fan of Gunnar. I've just never had a reason to pay so much for the glasses. I'll wait to see if I can get them as a gift. If not it might be time to spend a little money.

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