Guild Wars 2 Infosplosion: Branching Storylines, Revamped PVE, and Persistent World Added, Subscription Fee Not



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I still ain't paying fifteen bucks for a game I already payed for. Ha! 


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I personally am still skeptical about Guild Wars 2 (as well as any other MMO).  Although the new things sound promising, I don't see myself ever being able to play for years (I'd be lucky if I can play for a month which would be the waste of the $50 or whatever it'll cost).  I've always had problems in the past joining "lame duck" guilds that don't do anything and disband after a few months.  Even though this next installment is supposed to be a more true MMO, I'm hoping there's still a worthwhile solo experience since I would probably place groups and guilds as 2nd (I'd rather try to experience what I can alone before thinking about joining other people).

But for now, I still got some SP games to enjoy (mainly for the mods and DLC) for the time being and probably even wait a long time before even thinking about purchasing a copy of GW2 when it gets released (by then, any inital problems should be taken care of).

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After reading the article on GW2, I'm considering adding that MMO to my list. If it's trully what it claims to be, I'll drop WOW reguardless of CAT. lol



I've been waiting for 2+ years now. Let's get the show on the road!!!!




It's about time.

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