Guild Pulverizes All Wrath of The Lich King Raid Content in Three Days



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I'm reading the same thing over and over again, and I finally need to say something. Warcraft is a video game, and as in any other video game, you need to be good, or at least decent, to get the best gear. End of the matter.

Now, I will say that in original WoW, some of the raids were, admittedly, too difficult to enjoy. I raided heavily, was in a quality guild, and was still stumped. Razoregore was damn near impossible, and I've never seen Naxx or AQ40. In that sense, Blizzard did need to tone it down some.

However, that doesn't mean make everything so easy that anyone not asleep can do it. Every 10 man in WotLK is puggable already. Something is wrong there. I'm not saying that it needs to be so hard only the top 5% see it, but it needs to be a challenge. Pugging after 3 weeks is not fun. Personally, I think Kara was a good balance. It was difficult to progress through from scratch, but after a while, with nerfs and badge gear upgrades it became puggable. But it wasn't so easy that it was do-able with level 60 epics and cleared in a week. And badge and arena gear were so accessable, everyone who played at all has a good set of t5/6 quality items going in.

On a second note, to all those people declaring sit back and enjoy the leveling. I, and many others, HATE leveling. I bought the original WoW for one reason, to raid. I wanted to burn through as fast as I could and enjoy and end game challenge. If you enjoy leveling, great. But don't complain when Blizzard puts challenging content out there that you can't do. Maybe raiding is not for you. But don't ruin it for the people that enjoy the raid challenge. As far as PvP goes, WoW is so off-kilter that I don't even bother anymore. I bought WAR for my PvP fix, and it does a far better job.

I play WoW to raid. Not to level, not to craft, not to enjoy the scrolling quest text. And I believe a fair few others feel the same way. Unless Blizzard picks up the ball again, and makes raiding a challenge, I'll be done for good next content patch. (And I did quit during TBC when they nerfed everything and I got tired with the PuG everything. I came back to give WoTLK a shot - so all you "stop paying nay-sayers" are shot down.)  I'm not saying give the stick to all other play-styles, but at least acknowledge that there exists a player base that wants a challenging PvE environment. Old school BWL, AQ40, and Nax were tough, but the teamwork and skill required to do it was what made the game fun. What is not fun is having your any class tank gather up the whole heroic instance and AoE it down.



You guys are amazingly negative to one of the most popular games out there today.  Look at the other article posted today, the Top 20 Best-sellers.  Three of those are World of Warcraft related, the original was released in 2004, four years later and it's still part of the Top 20?  That's insane!

So TwentyFifthNovember cleared all available content within three days of release, big deal.  They are professional gamers, I would be disappointed if they couldn't clear it.  They did not go about things the way the average normal player would go about them either.  Look at their website, the timestamps on those pictures are back to back to back, of course that might just reflect when they got posted to the site, but I'm willing to bet those are actual times the bosses were downed.  They did it, but they did it for the glory of being first, not for the fun of the game.

It's one thing to joke about the gaming community every now and then, but you guys make it seem like you have something against WoW in particular every time you write an article about it.  But, I'm okay with you hating the game as long as it keeps you out of my queue to get on the server.



You also neglected that TwentyFifthNovember is paid to play the game, a rather nice detail to leave out since you just wanted to harp on them, apparently.

As for whether or not the raiding content is too easy, I believe blizzard is going to be releasing heroic raids (If they haven't already, I still haven't gotten a copy of it myself.) for those who want a challenge. The hardcores get a real challenge and the casuals get to have more fun raiding without feeling stressed by the annoying push of consistient progress. Go blizzard.



Good choice on the pic! That's what I imagine people that spend numerous hours on WoW.



I think Blizzard, shockingly enough, would like to see more than 5% of their playerbase experience the content they spend years developing.



From hell's heart, I stab at thee.



because the very second it becomes that easy they will LOSE the 5% your talking about. If more people wanted to do it they would. If more poeple could, fewer would want to.



But for real. WoW has been the kiddie game for kiddies with no skill and an astound eight entire classes since it launched. Trivial raid content is nothing to be taken back by in a game thats trivial at every thign else. The game is simplistic and stupid.



Oh wow, I got to level 80. How cool, now everyone knows that I spent at least 4 days playing.



I think it takes longer to get to max level in CoD that it does WoW. 



If the casual fanbase is what's going to keep them going long term, why would you want to spend a year just to cater to the hardcore one more time?

Besides, there's far more to do among leveling, especially once you hit the level cap, so if your only argument is to compare the ease of reaching the level cap to the now-nicely-breeze-able raiding, you're kind of just  kicking past everything else and trying to reach the least relevant comparison. Leveling does not =/= the difficulty of raiding, nor does anyone but your clique of 5-nights-a-week raiding really care. Go find a different game if it's so bad.



su you casual wanker wanna-be. It always easy to spot the kids who couldnt get into a real guild on the interent. And besides, i dont even play this game. Everything you said is dumb AND wrong. So please chek your guild envy before spouting this digital vomit all over the internet.





So you're pissed that they're not catering to the hardcore community even though you don't play the game?

Also, if I REALLY wanted to get into a hardcore five-nights-a-week raiding guild, I wouldn't have stayed in my own for a year and a half. Before you start spewing crap, you should at least manage to get some facts to back it up. 

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