GeForce GTX 770 Video Card Roundup



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I love the design's of all of these, but my case almost requires a blower-style stock cooler. I have a plexi side window with no side-fan or any ventilation in the area. Hot air would need to be ejected out the back. With these impeller style coolers, the heat would just get thrown around in the bottom half of my case with no means of escape!



It is a myth that blower style coolers are more effective. Otherwise, most aftermarket coolers would have used blower style coolers more often.



The stock GTX 770 seem to exist in press release only, so good luck finding one. Second, we wouldn't worry too much about hot air inside your chassis. These cards are able to handle it pretty well as they are quite a bit cooler than the stock card despite not using a blower type fan.

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