G.Skill's New RipjawsZ! Extreme Performance Quad Channel Memory Kits Top Out at 64GB



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All you really need is 4gbs of ram. Even power craving games like BF3 only need 4gbs of ram.


Unless your not wealthy to afford it, go ahead



While 4Gb is more than plenty for most users, it's laughable for power users like myself who usually have a taskbar full of open programs and even VirtualBox and VirtualPC open at the same time both running multiple VMs, this is why I have 24Gb in my main machine, yes, there are those who need a whole lot more RAM than the usual. And yes, I've gotten memory warnings when I've bumped up well past 23Gb of the real stuff in use as I try to use minimal swapfile but still need one.



can you think of any other kind of ram that is 64gb? its gonna be extreme just by being!


honestly till a few months ago, the only 8g modules that were for sale were ECC and about 1000 bucks each, so the release of 8gb modules in nonecc format is great, the new windows 7 64 bit offers support of UP TO 192gb of ram in the windows 7 ultimate variation, so this is a good start! 128 to go!



Can anyone explain to me the point of having 64GB of "extreme" RAM?




A good reason to have this much RAM would be if you plan on having a Virtual Machine network. I play around with VMs a lot and usually have between 2-3 running at one time, it'd be nice to give them a decent amount of memory instead of hoping they dont BSOD while im doing some testing and while leaving my host machine with enough to process all those VM's and do its day-to-day stuff

shoot...if i had this much RAM i could simulate an entire network..so that'd be nice just by itself..



There really is none. even servers and massive cad systems generally can run with pleanty of top end room at 16-32 gigs.

the only kind of system that could use this much ram would be large scale servers of the type you'll find at Google or MMO game server sites. even if you shut down every cache and page file in windows and ran it directly out of ram you'd wouldn't begin to stress 8 gigs on an operating system basis. 16 if you run a program like CAD or high end video compiling

and considering the next gen OS's are actually scaling BACK on usage (windows 8 supposedly is 10% or so more efficient on memory than 7) there's really not much need to develop such kits unless you're goign to run a home game server for all your friends.



Personally, I easily maxed out 6GB over the weekend. Running Firefox, F@H SMP and GPU clients, and the SW:TOR beta I got to about 95% RAM usage. That's actually with a pagefile on the HDD, so it's not running straight from memory.

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