G.Skill Hurls New TridentX DDR3 Memory Kits at Ivy Bridge



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I was hesitant about getting anything from G.SKILL. But after I bought a 32GB Micro SD card from them and seeing it pegs the benchmark at "> 50MB/s" when my old SD read at 7MB/s(a 16GB Samsung) I was sold.

I have 8GB of G.SKILL RAM in my desktop now and will go back to them when I need to buy RAM again in about 4 years.



Nice I guess, but over the past few years... past decade really, I don't really feel the 'urge' to upgrade RAM as an immediate need anymore. I guess it could depend on your specific uses, but from all the testing I see it tends towards shaving just a few seconds off from each interval of upgrades. My, and many of my friends, are on a 2-3 year upgrade pattern which seems about in line for the pace of software/game advancement to match RAM and other hardware advances. Even the Samaritan demo has been cut down to a manageable minimum requirement to run as opposed to when it was first shown. Maybe this XMas or Black Friday I'll treat myself to something actually 'new' while it's on a real sale.

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