gScreen's Dual-Screen SpaceBook Laptop Finally Up for Pre-Order



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I'm taking pre-orders for my new  dual-screen BioPC. it uploads images straight to each retina of the eye. no realproduct yet made. but please send me a down payment of onemillion dollars. we accept all major credit cards and checks. sorry no C.O.D.'s lol



I hate to say it, but for that $2800 (!), you can get a decked out Sager (Clevo) NP8150 (Core i7 2820QM, GTX 580M, 16GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, etc.) and 2 1080P desktop monitors, which it actually has the outputs for.  Don't get me wrong, this is kind of cool, but how often do you honestly pull out your laptop and think "Damn, I wish I had a funky folding second screen right now!" 

Also, you know you'll acutally get the Sager in a timely fasion.



Very fishy. That $1,200 to $1,400 "down payment" will buy a decent laptop right now. If a new startup wants to enter this very red ocean they should start with an entry level product, or with idea so unique and desirable that everybody really wants it. I don't think they've got that here. If this idea is real, maybe SpaceBook could license the concept to some of the proven brands already on the market. But I doubt it.



Try purchasing a Dell Latitude laptop with 2nd Gen Core i proc's. You can't as Dell does not offer them, and they just refreshed their latitude lineup and still only offer 1st gen chips.



This just seems fishy to me. They want 50% down on a product yet to be released? Either they have cash problems or it may be a scam. Or both. Ask them to send you a prototype for review so we can maybe know if they even exist.



Agreed. let's see a working example at a show somewhere first. after all, for these prices, you could buy not one, but two steam punk keyboards, or outfit an alienware in the middle of the range.



Not a bad price considering its such a specialty item.

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