Groupon Files for $750 Million IPO, Still Not Making Money



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Great read. I am really impressed with your style of writing. Keep up the good work.



It's a failing model really.  There have been nothing but complaints regarding the service overall.  Merchants are using the service with the hope of bringing on new customers; retention if you will.  They're doing this at a loss.  The majority of those patrons using those offers are comparable to sweepers or professional sweepstakes players.  They simply go where the offers are.  They're mercenaries and why shouldn't they be.  They're getting 50-60% off everyday services.  I know I would.  There's a reason why Groupon isn't turning a profit. 



i should have bought on Linkedin IPO. Most shark investors will do the same on Groupon as will I. I will buy on the first day and sell on the second. Even if you bought Linkedin the first day and stuck with you are still up $30/share. If this is another dot com boom and bust might as well join it buy and sell quick. I will look into see where this prices. Buying and holding is rather risky for dot coms again but some of them are different this time around as social media is bigger and actually has consumers as to what it was the first time around.



I think they should have sold to Google.



Yeah, I think they are gonna have a hell of a time turning a profit at this point. Definately should have gone with Google.


Brad Chacos

Google: "We like you. How about $6 billion?"

Groupon: "Nah, we'd rather lose half a billion this year."

Huh? If they've already lost $140m in the 1st quarter, they're on pace to lose half a billion again this year. I would have taken that $6b check and ran out the friggin' door. Then again, if I ever saw a $6b check I'd snatch it and run out the door, even if it didn't have my name on it.



I wonder if Google will come back this time and offer them $2 billion instead?

I wouldn't touch the IPO of a company that's hemmorrhaging money like that unless I knew something the rest of the world didn't (of course, then I'd probably go to jail for insider trading). They better hope Google has an idea and still wants in.

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