Grooveshark's Streaming Music App Pulled from Android Market



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They have deals with many record labels and pay royalties to all of them, so they are legal. Do you honestly think that, operating in this country, they would be allowed to continue if they were completely illegal?

The only thing wrong about it is when users upload songs that they don't have agreements with. Those are the ones that are bringing suit. And the wording on the TOS puts all of the blame on the user. But it is very easy to have illegal music removed from their service.

Do a little research before you start libeling someone.



removing the grooveshark app is very much like removing a bit-torrent app.  There are plenty of musicians who release their own music for free on grooveshark, and other people uploading their whole metallica collections.  It's a perfectly legitimate service with a perfectly legal use, and unfortunately, the legitimate uses get overshadowed by the illegal use being blown out of proportion.


Edit: Upon closer inspection, the grooveshark site even has an easy to use form to file a DMCA Takedown Notice, and encourages anyone considdering using the form to instead profit from the absolutely zero effort they had to do to get their music on the grooveshark market.  If I was an artist, I'd much rather profit from the free publicity than spend a small fortune fighting it..



There's no conspiracy on Google's part - they're not trying to squash a competitor. Rather, Grooveshark is an illegal product. It violates copyright. And people who use it violate copyright. Grooveshark does not have agreements with the music rightholders. And as a result, it is just about as legal as a 3-dollar bill. Look for Grooveshark users to be named in copyright lawsuits very soon. And rightfully so. No intelligent person actually believes Grooveshark is legit.



I love my Grooveshark app, I hope the version I already have installed still works! Stupid music labels being greedy.



looks a lot like th eblack mesa symbol

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