Greenpeace Tests Tech Companies' Green Credentials



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For the record, the reason why Nintendo is at the bottom of their list every time Greenpeace does this is because Nintendo does not disclose the information to them. They could be good, for all we know.



Amen man.


Keith E. Whisman

Go screw off you nut case tree huggers... Green Peace.... Screw GreenPeace. These assholes love trees and animals more than humans. In fact in their distorted view they see humans as a virus that needs to be eradicated from the planet. These people are freaks. I've heard them say that the world would be better off without us. These people are freaking crazy and I could give a flying shit about what they say. These assholes along with the Sierra Club are part of the reason we don't have anymore Nuclear Power Plants in our country. Nuclear is super clean with zero harmful emissions. No carbon emissions to clog up the atmosphere. I say we help them help the fishes in the bottom of the oceans and throw them in with lead weights. Damn tree huggers. This crap just plain pisses me off. 

Goddamn global warming, goddamn ozone hole, goddamn ice age, what's next you asshole tree hugger? Green Peace and the Sierra Club and orgs like them need to be anhilated. Put out of buisness and outlawed. Just because they piss me off and they have little more facts than what you can find in the bible. 



wow, really?


How can someone be this ignorant. First of all, we as humans can not exist if  the eco-system around us is not healthy. So it would do you good to pay a little more attention. Second, I don't know who told you this, but nuclear power is not clean energy. There is a huge dirty caveat that comes with nuclear power called radio active waste. This waste will stay radioactive for thousands upon thousands of years. I would hardly consider that to be "clean energy". Lastly, we have all the technology we need right now to switch over to genuinely clean renewable energy. The only catch is, it would be an expensive project to roll out, and as of yet no one wants to foot the bill. Maybe if we didn't spend nearly a trillion dollars to go to war on false pretenses we would have some cash to make truly green, renewable energy happen. Nevermind that 700 billion dollars we just wasted. 

 Without a thriving planet, our species can, and will become extinct. Think about that next time you open your mouth. 

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