Graphics Card Partners Losing Sleep over 28nm Manufacturing Woes



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You need to put things into perspective. They are lucky the fabs are shrinking down the process so quickly. It used to be years before a die shrink, nowadays it's like every six months it seems like. So even if they are having short term problems, the long term more than makes up for it.


I think the market is sort of saturated right now anyway. Most people that already have GTX 400/500 series or Radeon 500/600 series probably are trying to get another couple of years with what they already have.



Sure hope things get sorted out soon. I might be in the videocard market if my GTX 285 doesn't hold up well in Skyrim and ME3.


Neel Chauhan

Why won't NVIDIA and AMD use someone else instead if TSMC has issues.



Global foundaries which supply AMD with CPU chips is working on their 28nm and 22nm plant in NY and it's schedule to open in mid-2012. I don't know if they have another fab capable of 28nm chips? 

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