Grand Theft Auto IV PC Release Full of Bugs



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You guys are lucky to have the gameat least playable.  It isn't on my system and I cant find a solution to this..

Check this out... 

any suggestions? 



well guess what.. i got all my games for free at walmart..

walk the iles with it.. cut it open with razor blade.. take games, password, toss rest away, and viola no need to worried 'bout DRM.. only works in walmart super center in the food section..  hahaha.. my friends did it all the time thougt i share it with you



fack Rockstar and their DRM. Fack their bug laden piece of shit. We want quality, not speed, if devs can't figure that out, fack off.  And I won't ever buy a rockstart title again( last one I bought was GTA:SA ) , so they can get stuffed.





this is getting rediculous. first we pay $50 for a bug laden piece of crap. second, the bugs are blamed on pirating, third, we are required to put this draconian piece of software on our computers that tell us if we are allowed to play our game that we payed $50 for.




does this resemble a combination of an ike/tina relationship with alil kim jong ii thrown in it?



cause it certainly does to me. 



I dunno, with as greedy as these companies are anymore and with as buggy as their games are  ... I am tired of being in the good boy group.


If being a part of the solution (DRM) doesn't work then be part of the problem ... pirate!



We've seen this before, they make a crappy PC port and then blame the poor sales on piracy or "PC gaming is dead". I've played the PC port and let me tell you it's a stinker.



I dl'ed the GTA series (pre-IV) from Steam when it was cheap, and let me tell you, all the games were buggy pieces of crap. I was really looking forward to playing Vice City again on the PC, but with all the crashes and glitches, it totally ruined it.

Bad coding is bad coding - get your sh*t together, Rockstar!



anybody who has played the fallout 3 pc port knows that , like oblivion, there is a massive amount of mods. All of them useful in some way shape or form. I personally used to mod, given the simplicity of the GECK. why do i not mod anymore? A. there is only so much you can do in a post-nuclear holocaust sim. but B. the game crashed at least every 30 minutes. it would get to the point where the game would get so bugged, i would have to do a clean install, and reinstall the game, the mods, and the GECK. it had a rediculous amount of conflictions too. i had to uninstall Combat Arms to get fallout to run. And i couln't update past 1.5, or it would crash to desktop on startup. thats what really bugged me, is the total (forgive me) shittyness of the updates. they only fixed 1-2 things at most, and they normally caused more problems than they fixed.



i can just about run microsoft combat flight sim 3 on full detail.  still have to shrink the draw distance though.



"Higher settings are provided for future generations of PCs with higher
specifications than are currently widely available," claimed the

My ass...I'm sorry but not even Crysis can make that claim.

Rockstar has been on my boycott list ever since they nearly gave the smoking gun Hilarly Clinton needed to make government involvement in the rating and banning of games a reality.

By the time this game can run on it's supposed "high" settings from a future hardware profile they will have made another GTA for people to buy and no one will be playing this one...this is utter bull.

I'm fairly certain PC's have more power behind them than a console does too...



That lame comment actually made Crytek look good for their over-the-top requirements for Crysis. All is forgiven Crytek!



No wonder the gaming industry is in a tailspin, sounds like these guy's went to the D.IC.E. school of bad programing and let's make excuses. I think they need to visit STEAM and read their surveys on what the masses have sittting on their desktops. What a crock.

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