Gran Turismo 5 to (Optionally) Ravage 10GB of Hard Drive Space



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Solution: Build support for 2 TB drives into your game console and market them as "Supports up to 2 TB internal hard drive! Now you can store EVERY ONE of your games on the console and run at full speed!"

It's not like microsoft or sony couldn't do this in an instant. The only reason they do as they do now is so they can sell over priced small hard drives.



Allowing the end-user to have entire games on their console's HDD and able to play sans disc is just waiting for exploitation! Unless it's done like how most computer games are these days, the disc is just for authentication.

But then why bother getting a game console if you're going to install games on it, why not just get a PC. Greater selection of software and hardware, improved experience overall, etc...



From a technical standpoint the hard drive should fly compared to the disc drive, but there are other factors to consider.

I don't know what the benchmarks of blu-ray drives are, but I can't imagine optical media beating out a modern hard disk, other system design factors withstanding.



I wonder what the difference is between the read speed of the hard drive versus the cd drive.

Although I guess there is a hit for decompression of files from the CD drive.

So unless the track your racing on only partially loads and you have to get more of it off the CD or HD to race, the only thing that this would impact is track load times.  Or am I wrong?   I mean it seems silly to not optimize a track to run in the available RAM.



I remember when almost all computer games gave you the option of a full or partial install (from the CD)...of course, that was on the PC...when my 4.3GB hard drive was impressive.



You know, all this talk of "Game X will run faster when you install content to the HDD" is a load of bollocks! I've got a number of PS3 games that have optional and mandatory installs and the load times are still slow as all hell!

Either have an actual performance/loading time improvement or don't make me install anything!

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