Government Votes to Block Porn on Work Computers



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Maybe this amendment will make a difference in online porn consume but I doubt it's a fundamental change, porn will still be an industry either online or not, government officials will still find escorts Amsterdam right there were they left them only this time at their home computers.



Take it up with the government. The very fact that you're allowed to insult the government is actually protected by the government, in case you haven't noticed. Go live in some other countries for another half of your life, and yell against the government in China, if you think the entire government is so horrible. True, this won't weed out the 'assholes' who watch porn, but that's not the point. Obviously, the point is to stop porn being watched entirely. It's going to be contested (the business of sex will always be wanted), and nothing we say on a PC magazine's site is going to affect it. Keep the insults & sarcasm out, please.

At any rate, I think it's unlikely to stand for long, not least because you can't filter porn out completely. Any of their tech-savvy (a small group, but...) employees won't be stopped from jacking off to pixels.



They (the Man) make it intentionally difficult to follow all the laws they are voting on until afterwards intentionally. Down with the man plz



LOL  Yeah, and how do you weed out the assholes if you block out porn.  It's like laws requiring people to wear seatbelts and helmets.  How are you going to clean up the gene pool if you don't let stupid people be... stupid?



Instead of imposing a costly, unworkable system that steps on civil liberties--FIRE THE IDIOTS SURFING FOR PORN ON THE TAXPAYERS DIME!!!






Hey government! When I want you to lead my life, tell me what to eat, wear, do, etc. I'll let you know.



They wording of this is so political and doesn't really do anything. Just because I install a filter on my network doesn't mean I have to use it all the time. There are more valid reasons to block certain sites for work computers, such as security and avoiding malware. People need to realize that IT shouldn't be used to babysit people, if an employee or and elected official is not doing their work or misusing their time then it's a management issue not a technological one. I had a manager ask me to look up a person's internet usage for the week and it turned out to be 1/10th of what the manager's usage was.



Mom and Pop could just use Untangle, a free and open source UTM (web filter, firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, antispam, etc).



This might be a little off topic, but, can't we just say small business's. mom and pop? really? are there any of those left? lets be realistic.

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