Government Says Expect More Harsh Copyright Enforcement



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i agree something needs to be done about piracy  but i dont think the anti piracy bills being considered are they way to go about it , they overturn key parts of our constitution  and bill of rights in the name of protecting big corperations  go to  and look up  sopa and ppia  you will see they allow  the govt and non elected people  power to manipulate the internet without due process,  imagine being thrown in jail just because someone said you did something and being held indefinitly  cause if these laws are passed thats where we are headed , i normally  dont get politcal i rather concentrate on my computers and electronics but these bills threaten our way of life , thats why this year im voting for ron paul even if i gotta write it into the ballot



They would put half as much effort into protecting consumers from predatory companies, like Banks.  Especially the Credit Card companies.

And maybe a little to prosecute all the spyware/malware pushers out there that are costing us billions a year in downtime and service effort.

But hey, I understand.  Gotta take care of Mickey Mouse and his band of merry Lobbyists first!

Assisting consumers/citizens don't put money in their coffers.




I agree with copyright enforcement. THIS, however, is BAD. Do NOT extend powers to the executive to turn off domains on their say-so -- Without process of law!

There are other ways -- DO NOT SET THE PRECEDENT!

Thank you.


Wikipedia dope:



I don't know whats funnier, People posting adds for bootleg product web sites on an article about banning bootleg product web sites, or people defending pirating with the excuse of "our government has better things to do"

Not that I don't think there are more important things for the government to worry about, but its not like there is a single person working in the government and they can only focus on one thing at a time. Just because they are working on this doesn't mean they aren't working on other things. And not working on this doesn't mean other things would get more attention as they are totally different areas of focus. So, don't use bullshit excuses. Express your outrage for what it is. Repeat after me: "I am pissed off that the government is trying to take away my ability to watch movies and play games without paying for them."

ok, now go ahead with the replies of "I steal because the deserve it." or  "When they make a better product I will pay for it." or, my personal favorite "I just can't afford to pay for it right now" like its bread and water and you couldn't survive without it.



Must be safer and cheaper than going after drug cartels and criminal syndicates. Besides, the RIAA pays congressmen better.



If we legalized drugs like Portugal did we wouldn't need to worry about drug cartels.



we've got illegals streaming into the country, an economy that's tanking daily and terrorist on every front and the Obama administration is pandering to film and music industry of fictional loss of profit!!


Zachary K.

they need to think out of the box, because the pirate pricks wont go down easy. i can think of a few ways to make sure that nobody pirates anymore, but it would involve a shotgun to the balls (its what they deserve, so they can't pass their pirating ways to the next generation).



Since you apparently don't have any. Can't understand how everyone like you is willing to roll over and die so that a few shekel snatchers can buy more politicians in order to limit legal sites as well as the illegal ones. And since you probably won't understand that sentence, I mean, the automatic octopus like grabbing of any rights that a site may have to act legally without any due process of law. US Intellectual property rights czar for Christ's sake? Expanding federal authority to seize domains? How does a ridiculous $60k per song penalty for sharing a song you bought legally grab you? Don't you realize the burecratic nonsense that's coming at even you like an out of control train? Come on brainwashed fanboy of fat, greasy porn, music and movie moguls. They love dimwitted folks who are easily confused. Fess up and say that you're just another cheerleader for the corrupt politicians, judges, and others who work for RIAA. All you need is the pom poms...

Or start thinking for yourself



You are missing the point...



COICA needs to fucking die it gives the U.S. government illegal powers to censor the internet for the entire world I;m seriously getting tired of this country trying to control what the rest of the world wants.



What happened to the usa saying "no china don't censor your internet thats bad..." to lets ban everything that looks like its copyrighting something so we can make the lobbyists happy? we need to focus on bigger problems than OMG I CAN BUY A $1 rolex ONLINE cuz thats totally a real rolex... Don't we have jobs to CREATE or something? And we're not going to get any jobs back from banning a few sites people will find a way. I can get counterfit just about anything if you look hard enough in your own city. and besides they can only block domain names to access the site just type in its IP address and bingo you can access it again.

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