Got A PC You Don't Want? Send It To Apple



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Heh, I could give Apple my ancient PC parts as well as my 2 partially burned out GPUs.



Listen folks, I hate Apple as much as the next PC user, but why is everyone hating on this? Obviously, they're not giving you fair market value for your PC... this isn't a "redeem your hex-core SLi gaming rig for Mac-Bucks".. this is get rid of those 5 PCs you have in your closet (if you're anything like me..), and we'll compensate you if we can. This is one hell of an offer, even if you don't get anything for your PC.. you don't even have to TAKE the hardware to anyone.


Seriously people, think a little more realistically. Recycling electronics is expensive and yields little, if any profit.. it's hard enough to find a place that will do this, let alone for free. I don't care who's willing to take my unwanted junk for free, they can have it. This is NOT designed to give you fair market value for your hardware.. this is designed as an outlet to let you get rid of hardware that HAS no market value.



I'm a PC user but I don't hate Apple also this is a good thing cause I got a lot of trash they can take.



So where do you go with an Apple you don't want?



You might try reading the entire article instead of just the headline before commenting.



As Gordon Predicted two years ago...



Glass, cardboard, macintosh old architecture.



Or you can do a trade-in at Newegg and get credit for stuff you'd actually have an interest in buying.



Uh, Apple...It's a PC meaning we can upgrade them by just adding a few parts. Not like a Mac where the upgrade process goes like;

Step 1: Remove old Mac from desk, and dispose of it properly in the nearest waste can.

Step 2: Go to Apple Store and buy the latest iMac.

 Step 3: Bring new Mac home, place on desk...You have now successfully upgraded your Mac.



Just tried the website out of curiosity.  The only hardware specific question it asks is what speed your CPU is.  So, according to Apple, my Q9650, 8GB RAM, HD6950, blu-ray drive, and Intel SSD is only worth about $70.

No thanks, I'll pass.  My "PC" is worth more than that to me.



@IJedi- So funny, but so true. In a way this reminds me of Cash for Clunkers...most of the cars traded in were true clunkers (80's/90's cars) but some were *only 4-5 years old*, which was really dumb. Most of those 4-5 year old cars were JUST PAID OFF and had another 5 or so years before it became a clunker. Like the C4C fiasco, I can see a few dim bulbs in the crowd trading in Phenoms and Core 2 Quads just for the privilege to get $20 off an inferior Mac. I'm no tree hugger, but trading in something that's slightly older *yet* the better product is completely dumb and a waste of resources.



I hear laughing and bulldozers



You might want to get that checked out then.


I Jedi

*Cricket* Yep, no one here wants to give up their PC to the likes of Apple. What a horrible thing to do to a PC... It nearly makes me cringe at the thought of Apple taking hold of my babies.

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