Google's Wireless Plans Invade Contested "White Space"



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I am all for this.  But there is much more to this than what it appears
on paper.  Many others use that same spectrum, not just your local
church.  One of the biggest is TV news, commonly referred to as
ENG(Electronic News Gathering).  They use the spectrum of anywhere between
793-806 MHz.  Also wireless PA systems.  Whatever frequency spectrum
that was being used for TV should have no other equipment in there, so utilize
that frequency in those areas.  Manufacturers do not need to make
different models for different frequencies.  They can make them with
"programmable" frequencies.  The term "programmable"
is used loosely for all it normally is turning a few selector switches to the
correct frequency. 

Do not overthink it and make it happen.




It seems that levels of potential interference would be easy enough to test, at least on a small/medium scale.  Take any number locations - half urban (for the stadium/church crowd) and half semi-rural - and open and test interference over the course of say 3-6 months.  Pretty straight forward.



I fully support the idea of nationwide free wireless. 
If there is interference in radio frequencies, why can’t they just switch the
technology over to wifi.  If there was nationwide wireless even radio
stations could benefit.  Why mess around with short range radio frequencies
when you can reach the entire internet with content?  I can’t wait for the
day when my cars, radio, phone, navigation are all linked to the web.  It
would make my commute much more appealing.



I know that Shure was interested in a test that was going to be done at FedEx Stadium.  It would be interesting to know what the results of this test are.  I think if the test came back favorable for the technology then Google might have a strong stance with the FCC to allow the spectrum to be opened.  If there was a lot of troubles, then I think the FCC should leave it closed.  As it is, isn't there enough wireless signals buzzing about?

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