Google's Wi-Fi Data Harvesting Probe Sniffs Out Criminal Intent



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Isn't anything transmitted through the air fair game? I can see why breaking encryption could be illegal but unencrypted data, come on.


Zachary K.

i seems all europe wants from us is money. microsoft and now this. you don't see us going after european, oh wait. they don't have any big companies in america.



I've come to 2 conclusions that Europe is worse than the riaa and that europe is mad that the us has the most successful internet companies. So they sue microsoft apple google etc. To try to bring them down. so you know what fuck europe google should publish everything they found any information on an unsecured network is free for anyone to look at. 600 gb should keep 4chan busy for weeks.



I thought the same thing. It would actually have been pretty cool if crime prevention was as easy as driving a car through some bad neighborhoods.



hello? These networks were NOT encrypted. Anyone useing them should ASSUME that the data can and will be intercepted. The way I see it, if a network is not encrypted, you use at your own risk. I'm sure most of the networks caught were public access wifi places, in which case the keyword is PUBLIC. As for home users not running a encrypted network, well they should know better....



Precisely. At that point you are literally broadcasting. It's like if you starting yelling things out with a megaphone and you sued me for listening to your secrets.



You can not intentionally harvest information on such a large scale. Although the users are to blame in part, but Google was expected to act in good faith. Intention and good faith need to be understood in their legal sense



I don't see how a programmer can have the hardware or software do anything unintentional.

What I question is the 'criminal'  part. is it now illegal to connect to unsecured networks? I think we all better follow this carefully.

another point, many programs/devices log every action they take, if the van was connecting to the wi-fi networks, it makes sense a log was kept. 

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