Google's Video Sites Serve More than 10 Billion Videos in August



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 Wait, 10 billion, or 10 million? the chart and title disagree. I think. I don't know maybe I'm reading it wrong


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And that will decrease in the future. Google is ruining youtube. Microsoft should have bought it... They would have done a much better job maintaining it. Screw google ads in the middle of my anime show! [madface]



Come on, those ads are what make the service free for the end users.  The server space and bandwidth costs to run youtube are really really high.  For google to even come out even there needs to be a few ads for revenue.  Google has become very wealthy because of if this idea.  They appeal to the end users because they give out a great product and its free.  If you watched your anime on TV you would get ads also and guess what, there would be more and they would last longer.  IMO Microsoft would have messed everything up.  First they would have ditched flash player and went to their silverlight player.  Microsoft would make the site all cluttered and full of junk which would make the site lag and cause video streaming to suck.


People that complain about ads in free services on the internet need to shut the hell up.  Its all give me give me give me, it for free and then complain about it.



And when they are not complaining they are pirating off torrents.

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