Google's V8 Video Codec Now More Open than Ever



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JAB Creations

At least at this moment in time Internet Explorer 9 will only support this codec if it's already installed on the user's you can bet that the grandmother suing pricks in Hollywood have cut a deal to make sure users will have to manually install the codec in order to create another barrier.

 Yet more hypocrisy from Microsoft, just when I thought they had shed all of the BS with their work on IE9. This means we'll see no standardized HTML5 video element support across all browsers WELL in to the 2020's unless they change this policy.

John A. Bilicki III -
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Hopefully, WebM would win out as the default video codec for HTML5, so then Opera and Firefox can use, say, Youtube in HTML5 across all videos.


Also, I just noticed the contributor photos next to the titles. 

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