Google's Social Search Initiative Receives EPIC Complaint, Possible FTC Investigation



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I think Eric Schmidt pleasures himself to everyones deepest, darkest secrets.


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I really think that our anti-trust laws and mindset need to be updated for the case of the internet where consumers can switch to a competitor with a few keyboard strokes. This isn't like the gas company buying every gas station in town and thus creating an unescapable monopoly....



Exactly,  well said!

Not to mention they are providing a service that users obviously want, are they supposed to stagnate because facebook and twitter can't keep up?



Didn't Google already run into privacy issues with G+ or Buzz or something a while back?  Seems as if somebody needs to point out to Google that Brave New World is a warning, not a freakin' instruction manual.  Things like this are why I avoid social networks like the plague.

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