Google's Reaction to Microsoft Surface: A Mixture of Surprise and Skepticism



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It would be very nice if there was a simple "Default desktop" switch, where both metro and explorer were first class citizens, but with explorer running as a metro app, I just can't throw any support at windows 8.

I've seen some interesting stuff about windows 8 server, but it still won't beat out ZFS in terms of functionality methinks.



I don't think you know how to use Windows. Explorer doesn't run as a Metro app, nor does the Desktop. They run as they always have in Windows. Just because you can access both from the Start Screen, doesn't make them Metro apps. You can even skip the Start Screen when you boot up. So again, not Metro apps.

If anything, the Start Screen is an app.



Can someone please explain the difference between Windows RT (ARM) & Windows 8 Pro (x86)?



Windows RT will be Metro only and runs on ARM, there is no desktop "app", and all apps that you do want to run have to be purchased through Microsoft's store to run in Metro. NO legacy programmes or programmes that you have purchased for your x86.

Windows 8 Pro (x86) will be more like the traditional desktop where you can run all your programmes that ran on earlier versions of Windows under the desktop "app". You don't need Microsoft's store, but you will be forced to use Metro whether you want it or not.



So, the Windows 8 Pro version would be the one to get then?

Although, as far as I am concerned, Metro should've never been part of Windows 8 for desktop PCs, and just used for tablets.

But, I'll most likely get an ANDROID tablet if I do ever decide to get a tablet.



I agree with Metro on the desktop. It's terrible. Maybe I didn't use it long enough to get used to it.

If I were going to buy one of these, I'd definitely spend the extra $$ for the Pro version. There's no guarantee that apps will run simultaneously in floating, resizable windows on RT.

I currently have a Transformer Prime. It satisfies all my needs that the iPad likely never will (USB, MicroSD, Full-SD, desktop widgets, etc). This was fairly expensive, so I don't expect replacing it any time soon. However, the Surface tab looks interesting.



My reaction is a mixture of deja vu and ennui.



Ennui is right. Win8 seems to be so - safe - and as a result broken. They want the new fangled metro UI, but they don't want alienate their core destkop base, but they also want to nudge everyone to Metro, but still have a desktop for you if you reject it.

The end result is a hodge podge of an OS that only has the metro people interested and most of the desktop people going 'eh'.

MS can fix this by just making Metro optional. Let us desktop loving people just have our desktop and let the Metro lovers use Metro. This wouldn't be hard to do. It wil let Metro flourish best where the biggest testing group (consuemrs) will find it useful and it will keep it out of the way where the same biggest testing group (consumers) find it a roadblock.

Come on Microsoft. With all the smart people working there, and your nearly endless supply of resources, I find it so amazingly and irrationaly stupid that you are tanking the whole process over this simple demand that everyone use Metro.

Between the price increases on Windows 7 and this Windows 8 Metro crap, my next two planned builds at home will be running Mint (linux). Outside of the two Win7 gaming machines at home, I'm pretty much done with Microsoft. And when Win7 gets discontinued or no longer supported, well I guess I'll just move on from video games or be happy with what gaming there is/will be on Linux.

Maybe this will finally get me to get up from the computer and go do something else like mow the lawn or take the rifle out to the range.



After uninstalling all of the "metro" apps, Windows 8 is actually pretty good on the desktop. It really just feels like a better looking version of windows 7.

The start menu takes some getting used to, but after figuring out that I can just type into it, Windows 8 got a lot better.



Your ennui bores me.



Oh, man!! Deja vu all over again!!

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