Google's Project 10 to the 100 Aims to Change the World



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Personally I think this is a FANTASTIC idea! With all the problems this world is facing today, we need to start pulling together and all focus on ways to heal our world. Imagine the power of all of our thoughts focused on the same thing, at the same result!!! I came across this interesting blog thats getting involved in this project, take a look around on the site too, it gets you thinking,

Ultimately whatever the idea is that wins and any ideas that we put into place in this world can only truly benefit us as a whole if our intention behind the action is correct and altruistic. Thinking only of what I gain from it is completely missing the point of this project...



For giving Google an "idea" that they will implement at no cost to you, and generate a couple billion dollars get....control yourself now.....the "satisfaction" of ....what?....watching Google laugh all the way to the bank.  Whats next Google...use all our computers to drive your search engine and give us what.....MORE satisfaction.........satifaction don't pay the bills bought for a world changing idea you instead break off some $$$$$ love....I'm laughing so hard I'm crying   lol



Right!  Google should just like...GIVE their products away...for ANYBODY.  oh wait...they do.


Just like any other company, Google has to invest it's earnings to be able to operate and grow.  They could throw that money in the market just like anybody else, but investing it (and yes, getting some form of return in the long run) in growing programs like the ones they'll attract in this competition is a win-win for everybody involved.  Beyond just picking a lucky winner or two to throw some cash at, they've also sparked development of dozens of other worthy ideas that will likely find a home (sponsor) somewhere else.  True corporate fellowship is so rare these days, I don't get why it upsets people when it actually happens. 



Perhaps you don't understand...  See, these corporations should be TOTALLY altruistic and not have their interests at heart.


We should expect businesses to care about as people first and profits to be secondary.


I mean, after all, profit isn't the purpose of business is it?





The sad truth is that the great ideas that exist out there that could truly benefit humanity will never get the infusion of cash they need to get started unless/until they are privatized and viewed as investement vehicles.  Google is certainly not the first to see the wisdom in this fact, and like the other pioneers they realize they can accomplish their corporate goals while at the same time enabling the mechanisms by which true social progress happens .


UPDATE:  I just went and checked (to be safe), and sure enough, Google established themselves as a "Corporation", not as the suspected "Non-profit Organization" 

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