Google's New TiVo Ad Deal Is Good for You, Bad for Networks



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I watch almost no ads. I got my first tivo, I would guess back in 2001, and since then I watch zero live television. I fast forward through ads, every ONCE in a while one will catch my eye (usually a movie trailer or ad for some nifty electronic gadget) and I will pop back and take a look.  But the over welming vast majority get skipped.

They want their ads to get watched? Reduce ads to 30 second spots and have max 2-3 minutes of ads per 30 minute show.  As it stands they put WAY too many ads in a show and I just don't have the time to waste watching them.



I watch zero ads. I block them by putting up the info screen for the show I am watching and I mute. It still shows about an inch around the perimeter so I know when the show's back.




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