Google's Latest Patent Application Hints at Targeted Phone Ads



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I hope they don't combine it with google Voice. :(




I bet you it will start showing up on android based cell phones. There was an article in a MPC mag in 2007 (I'm not sure which issue) when they were talking about google developing android. One of the key words/sentences they used were google's android OS will be free, but google has yet to determine how they will generate revenue from it. Well, it looks as if they found a way. Nothing is really ever free. With that said, and if true, I will stay clear of any and all things google.


I Jedi

I seriously do not believe that Android will have built in advertisement like the one talked about in this article. This is more so, imo, directed at Google Call, not Android. So, imagine buying an HTC phone with no carrier. Hook that bad boy up to  Google Call and you may get advertisements, but you'll have a sweet phone with an awesome operating system. At least, that's how I think they're playing it out. Anyone know differently.


I Jedi

If this is in relation to their Google Call, then I'm all for it. A free phone never is free to use, so I wouldn't mind advertisements while holding, dialing, etc. However, if this evolves actually working side-by-side with a real, paid cell phone service, like AT&T, then that will upset me. Obviously because if I pay for a service, then I don't want to be nagged by some advertisement.

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