Google's HoneyComb (Android 3.0) Video Leaked to the Web



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Everytime I read an article about Google introducing or releasing a new version of the Android operating system, it makes me want to throw my phone through a window. I have a Samsung Captivate (a Galaxy S variant) and Samsung still has not released an official update of Android 2.2 (Froyo). I know this is probably a Samsung issue and not Google's, but until hardware manufacturers keep up with rolling out software updates, who cares what Google is cooking up?


Peanut Fox

It could also be the carrier AT&T in this case, that is withholding the update for any number of reasons.




I have a Galaxy S Vibrant, (Bell Canada) and the update to 2.2 that was promised at the end of September, didn't arrive until Mid December. This is a Samsung issue, not a Google one.

Your other option, is to root your phone!



Looking at the video, I can't wait to March.  Google is doing a good job in putting more pressure on Apple.



Is Steve Jobs Shaking in his boots?

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