Google's Chinese Employees May Have Had Hand in Attacks



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According to sources, the maximum pc staff has worked "very hard" at getting this twitter crap on every article so it will not be removed anytime soon regardless if everyone doesn't like it.

 Those damn sources..



I think twitter is one of the dumbest things since the pet rock, but damn, why are you guys so vigorously opposed to that twitter box being there? It doesn't bother me, I just scroll down a little bit further and get to the comments. I just don't understand all the uproar.



We can always boycott. I use to like MAXIMUMPC "BUT" i don't "NEED" it. Hey Tweet this!



I use Firefox and have noscript on. If you don't allow dailyradar to run js you don't see any twitter stuff.



The people behind the attacks were obviously mad about twitter being under every article on maximumpc. Seriously get rid of this twitterbs.



I would want to launch an attack too if image search returned nothing for "boobs".



 Everah-wun bak to duh base, pardner

 I'm definitely not going to sap your servers. 

 Edit: reply fail. Replied to the earliest first-level comment. 

=[My name? Quantumnerd. If you mock it you don't get it.]=



Google should have known most of it's Chinese employee's would be drwing two checks . One from
Google and the other from Chinese State Security Service :D


Joe The Plummer

I don't think the United States is taking these attacks seriously. China and Russia continue to poke and prod our systems looking to steal anything they can get their hands on and our government basically just bends over and says please don't do that but we won't stop you, even though you're looking for holes to exploit in infrastructure and defense.

It's time that these attacks are treated as such. ATTACKS. In my mind this is an act of war. The Chinese are brilliant. They own our currency, thanks to places like Wal-Mart they've trained people to demand to pay as little as nothing for products and China is only happy to supply the low quality crap that gets sold there and other places and we allow our companies to do business there, meanwhile the Chinese government dictates how those companies operate regardless if it goes against our laws and values. They force our companies to share their technology with state sponsored companies thereby giving them our technology for free. 

Enough is enough already. Every American business needs to cease doing business in China until these things stop. 

My friends every large empire falls. Rome didn't fall in a day. It took several centuries. Unfortunately thanks to technology it won't take the US as long. 



I concur... I mean is it that surprising? They constantly try to find holes in dod systems for gathering information.



"Are we getting the real story here?"

Hell no.

Do any of us know what the real story is? Equally unlikely.

Very strange situation, though.



I don't think we'll know the true details, but I do know that China is after Western technology and will take it  by any means necessary. Google is still trying to be political about it, but reading between the lines, there was not just one person attacking the system, nor were there multiple people attacking their system randomly. One operation was launched against Google to get into their technical libraries, by many at once. There I said it! Google basically walked into a back alley and got jumped by all sides and they took Googles lunch money! 


At the end of the day... One shall stand, One shall fall



Red spies man. Hire some Pyros.



Unfortunately in the real world pyros have to deal with friendly fire



Red spy is in the base! Red spy is in the base!



 turn about is fair play

Hire Blue Spies 

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