Google Yanks Fake Angry Birds App and 21 Other SMS Scams from Android Market



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Android sucks! Windows Phone 7 or iPhone are the way to go! 




Even if they implemented some sort of heuristic scanning, detecting unwanted behavior from apps simply by looking at the code from an automated system is not an easy tasks, and the malicious developers can obfuscate or modify their codes to avoid detection.

Most antivirus bases most of their realtime detection on checksum comparisons of files that have been confirmed as malware. If someone create a virus which isn't widespread and doesn't match a pattern behavior that is known to be a virus, it will not be detected.

And even the Apple approval system isn't perfect, since some app like a Flashlight app on the App Store somehow managed to include an hidden tethering feature, which isn't allowed (source:

There is flaws in every systems, and unfortunately it is not possible to stop them all in a proactive way.



Why doesn't Google implement a malware/spyware scanning of all apps added to the store, like Lenovo does for their Android market? Wouldn't that resolve most of these issues? Be proactive Google, no reactive!



I'm glad there are at least watchdogs on the Android market.  Popularity and flexibility allows these kinds of things to fester more.  What I want to know is how Lookout catches these things.  Do they have some poor soul who's job is to download apps everyday and scan them?

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