Google Yanks 21 Trojan Infected Apps from Android Market



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I think a happy medium would be to have Regular apps and google certified apps. You could download anything you wanted, but you could rest assured if downloading a "certified" app.



Anyone know how to check if you've installed one of the infected apps?  I can't check my phone now, because Google remotely removed all infected apps.  While that is nice, I would've have liked some kind of contact or notice so I would've known if it was one of the apps that I had installed.  Any info on this is appreciated.



This is of great concern. On my Palm Pre for instance, a lot of my log-in passwords are stored in the browswer - ranging from PayPal, eBay, Wells Fargo. If a hacker got those data, they'd be able to take money out of my Paypal, buy stuff on eBay, and siphon money out of my bank-account through money transfers and such. I'd rather have a restrictive policy like Apple to have peace of mind. And not only that, you'd think a more restrictive policy would also encourage developers to make more quality apps.



Best Where's Wally Photoshop Ever!

Seriously, most of the Malware on that list is titled like crapware.  Who downloads this stuff?


BTW, finally rooted my D2, stock roms & Kernel,  OC'd to 1.3Ghz & LOVING IT!   Now I can have apps, and the thing still works at the expected speeds!

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