Google Will Offer Encrypted Search Next Week



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Mighty BOB!

lol sir.


Well I will probably use it even if it doesn't do anything.  As long as you don't let it give you a false sense of security, then it doesn't really matter how effective it is.  If it works fine though then yay for another layer of security.  Of course I'm sure they'll still keep data aggregation attached to this and continue to mine you for all you're worth to the advertisers.

-edit- Hmm, that should have shown up as a response to Cruzg10



A safe way to google brazillian fart fetish pron without fear.........i mean google justine bierber and such.



Properly implemented this could certainly provide sufficient security for most people. Most people are not targets. It's not worth the effert to even try to break thier encryption. Also, what's with beating 752 bit encryption? Last I checked, TLS / SSL was using 1024 and 2048 bit encryption. Also, the cyper being used makes a difference. They could implement AES to really make it tough. Really though, the attacks are not focused on breaking the encryption, but getting around it. I am personally glad to see that Google is going to offer a security option. Let's see how good it is once it is out.



my sarcasm was lost on you....haha. Don't make me comment on how I can break tri-oscillating Psylon-level encryption whilst simultaneously riding a unicycle.



If it's anything like that Microsoft Internet Explorer In private Browsing, it will be worthless.  There is nothing private about In private Browsing.  About the only Internet sites that In private Browsing works on are a handful of legit mom and pop websites offering non-for-profit items or services... at best.  Short of running several layered overseas proxy server IP addresses with simultaneous osculating tri-encryptions, forget it.



Before you slam IE you should read the InPrivate help section. It has nothing to do with encrypting data.



Google Encryption is a joke, I can beat SSL 752 bit in my sleep while having my morning coffee. Wake up people. Perceive and believe. My name is Steve.



Security and privacy on the internet are myths. Wake up people! 

Perception is reality.

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