Google VP Vic Gundotra Uploads Nexus 10 Camera Photos to Google+



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I'm waiting for the price point before I get excited. I'm not really a fan of the 7" screens and have been looking at the available 10" products.
I guess I can wait a little bit for this one to come out to go test it personally. Get to know the 'feel' of it.



that sucks. That means the Nexus 10 will be high end so it'll cost around $500. All I want is a 10" Nexus 7 (i.e. I like the low price and I like the 10" but guess Google won't have a device with both)



I don't get it - what sucks about this news, and what about it makes you think the price will be so high? The indication that it's at least a 3 MP camera, so that makes it high end, or...?



high end camera, super high resolution... Seems to me it's going to be at the high end iPad level (retina display and what not), maybe it'll be $50 cheaper than an iPad, still that'd make it at least $450. I was hoping for a $250/$300 10" Nexus without all the whistles (like the Nexus 7)



Still, even at 3.1Mp that looks really good. The contrast and colours are beautiful.

I think a Nexus 10 might be the upgrade I'm looking for to replace my Transformer TF101.



looks good

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