Google Voice Invites on their Way to Mailboxes



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We are talking about vioce messages under 20 seconds at least. Soliders in the army, family members in another state or on vacation. People that just want to hear the voice of a loved one... but you live in your mommy's house don't appreciate here. Grow up before your simpleminded thoughts sprout up from that fertilized garden in your head.



Voice mail/messages have been around for quite a while now. It is free with all cell plans. So I think the soldiers and family members have that part covered. Go read up on what google voice actually is. It might be right for you. And please...for the sake of humanity, don't speak again.



I for one have no use for this product, but people with multiple lines might, Especially if I have to basically purchase adds. Goto and read what google is planning with it's android platform!

Yup, you guessed it...adding adds to android based cell phones to generate revenue for it's free, open source mobile OS. With that said, I will never purchase any android device or any google product.

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