Google Voice Extension Adds Killer New Features to Chrome



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Well great idea!


The biggest problem that I have found.........It does not work! Will not dial out? I suppose if one wishes to use it as a message center, then it will probably work just fine. Other than that, it seems to be pretty much useless!



Have you already requested your invite? Mine only took a couple of weeks from the time I requested it...


Ken H

A few days ago. I'm O.K. with the wait time, just wish I jumped on this a few weeks ago. Having a local number may have saved me a load of trouble. On a side note maybe Google can give the jail free long distance calling.


Ken H

"Google Voice is currently invitation only."  Just a side note I'm still waiting to try this out.



I use IE and works fine and everything is good enough. This addon its enough for me to switch to chrome but there is one little problem. I have tried to download chrome but my firewall detects a trojan. Any idea what the problem might be?



Yes, the problem is that you use IE and think it works well enough, so you are mose likely not capable of downloading and installing programs without supervision.



Still not available in Canada...  




I'm in the same boat!



I just got this a day before this article came out.  It is very helpful cause I can text while browsing the internet.



Chrome is definitely looking more attractive lately. I am still a Firefox fanboy though, too many extensions that work too well in Firefox (like Adblock) but don't work so well in Chrome as of yet. Once the dust settles in a bit more, I might find myself a Chrome user.

Edit: I do, sometimes, use the Google Voice service so I figured I would give that extension a try. Its VERY cool, but I got a huge kick out of this. It doesn't seem to work with Google Maps! The number isn't a link, I fired up and the numbers on there were hyperlinks that I could click to call. Heh.

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