Google, Verizon Issue Joint Proposal for an Open Internet



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The whole reason the internet grew the way it did was because of no government regulation.  No one owns the internet, self-regulation is possible when necessary, and having the government involved will kill innovation.



There is no favoritism on the internet with <a title="Deal between Google and Verizon means net neutrality is ending" href="">net neutrality</a>. Net neutrality is something that needs to end for large businesses to succeed more. Google and Verizon, the 800-pound gorillas of the Internet, are in collusion to provide content to Internet users at higher speeds for a higher price. Those for net neutrality hope that Google and Verizon can be stopped by the Federal Communications Commission. Since net neutrality was decided by the Comcast decision in April to not be in the hands of the FCC, FCC can’t do anything.



This whole thing is Laughable at best...I Wholeheartedly agree with Lhot...big law making corporations...ESPECIALLY ISP's...have absolutely NO business dictating any regulations about net neutrality...I would personally rather have my face punched to custard...but at the same time I don't really thing that congress has enough collective brain power to do anything truly viable either seeing as most of our politicians are taking campaign donations and/or financial throwbacks from all the major corporations that would even be interested in the pro's and cons of net neutrality to the end user...basically IMHO I think we are basically boned no matter which way we turn...I think the only true way to solve the problem is to just do away with ISP's all together and just give averyone a free T1...

P.S...I do actually understand the ramifications of what I have typed here...

P.S.S...I also believe that Mutiny is always an option as well...*Starts loading my AK*



If ISP's get any control over ANY tiering, we're all in for excessive billing and crappy bandwidth.  I've said it before and I'll say it again....this is a job for congress...we need a concrete law forbidding ISP's from tiered ANYthing.

Not to mention, why the h3ll, are Google and Verizon discussing this among themselves?  Neither is a lw making body and should only FOLLOW the law...not help to create it.  Neither company can possibly be impartial and should be excluded from any discussions in the creating of a Net Neutrality Law.   

This is like allowing a hooker to set prostitution laws.  I have the distinct feeling that if Google and or Verizon money, attempt to push congress in ANY direction, there will need to be a restructuring of our govt.

Congress is supposed to make the laws.....not big hear that, Mr. (dropping in the polls like a rock) Obama?

What will they call this in the headlines when its all said and done...... E-Gate, when the impeachment proceedings start (assuming congress doesn't step in NOW and put a stop to this) !!

Both Verizon and Google have ONE could care less what the consumer thinks...time to start flooding Congress with emails so they can't say afterward, we didn't know how you felt.

Last but not least:

Avoid the CLOUD like the plague...if you don't not only will your internet costs and bandwidth suffer, but once the BIG money controls the CLOUD...we become ......non-important.

This is the biggest fight we are going to see in our lifetimes.  You sit back and stay out of it WILL suffer later.



I agree completely about the cloud, bad idea. If you don't have actual control over your data, you don't really have any.



While I completely agree with you, congress won't do anything.  Between the partisan bickering, the bribes (let's not use euphemisms, shall we), and the fact that they're just too old.  Nothing will get done.

Both sides of congress will never be able to agree on anything without adding so much pork to a bill that the country would go under.  Both sides are taking money from big corporations for their campaign funds.  And they are all too old to really understand or care about Net Neutrality.  Let's be honest, all most of the politicians in congress care about is keeping their cushy government jobs and getting their ridiculous pension.  We would have to get everyone in the country to shower them with emails, petitions, etc.

Most media outlets don't care enough about this because they don't think this is an important enough news story to run.  Even if they would run a story on Net Neutrality, the media would just spin it in a way that would, most likely, not help us at all.

As much as I love this country, it is just too easy for important decisions like this to be made by the wrong people for the wrong reasons, or for them to be made by the right people but long after they would've helped.



"As much as I love this country, it is just too easy for important decisions like this to be made by the wrong people for the wrong reasons, or for them to be made by the right people but long after they would've helped".....this should sum it up..............


..."Politics: The conduct of public affairs for private advantage. Ambrose Bierce"



I disagree. This document does spell the end of net neutrality, creating a two-tier system and giving ISPs the power to determine what sites get in the fast lane and which are delegated to the grid lock lanes. We have already had plenty of experience with what happens when corporations take over managing anything--miners die, oil workers die, the environment is destroyed, Wall Street crashes (but the big corporations walk away with billions while the rest of us loose our homes), etc., etc. The FCC and Congress need to step in quickly and strongly to stop this. Meanwhile, I propose a boycott of Google. Actually, I never use Google anyway, not since it was revealed that the NSA has an office in Google headquarters. "Do no evil" is just hype. Or more correctly, propaganda.



i support your boycott of google.


I Jedi

Even if the document is vague right now, I think that it is laying down the groundwork to much better, more-cohesive document to come. What I want to know is how Verizon and Google are making this document with the FCC on behalf of all other I.S.Ps. out there. It clearly seems that this just isn't a document for Google, Verizon, and the FCC to follow, but indeed all other gatekeepers, too. Am I to guess that the FCC just asked for their participation in creating this document?

At any rate, I think that this is a far-cry from what people thought this document was going to be a few days ago. It seems that every time something happens, likes to jump on the "OH F*CK" bandwagon, and make everyone get all crazy,even when it seems they don't even have all the facts themselves.

I was pretty doubtful that Google was turning its back on N.N., as a lot of its applications rely on an open Internet. I must admit that my fate was shaken up a bit that day, when I heard the last giant to stand against the I.S.Ps. may have been throwing in the towel, though.

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