Google to Use TV Ads to Promote Chrome



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Chrome starts fast, but so does Opera. Firefox and IE slow start up. 



Just want to echo Cache's points on Firefox and add that Chrome currently does not natively support Windows 7 x64 (meaning... it'll work, but it takes some googling and some work to fidget with it).  Although I suspect this will be fixed by release time, it's a huge downer at the moment.



Don't get me wrong, I liked Chrome, but FireFox simply offers a far more enriching online experience.  If the choice is wait 0.0028 seconds for a webpage to take longer to load, I'd rather wait that time and have access to everything I want, every add-on that makes being online worthwhile.

Maybe if Google puts some effort into some add-ons of its' own, but until they do, I'm sticking with a proven browser that lets me do everything from blocking ads I don't want (Adblock Plus), Twitter (Twitterfox), receive notification of emails in live-time from a variety of email sources (webmail), have the weather where I can see it (weatherbug), capture pictures and images I like (Downthemall!, Video Download Helper, save images, image toolbar), manage and update my bookmarks and passwords across multiple systems (xmarks and lastpass), manage my downloads efficiently (download statusbar), pull up multiple links/pictures in new tabs with a simple mouse click (snap links), zoom images quickly on the fly (image zoom), pull up websites using an IE interface (IE tab), as well as have some functional tools for the.... well, less savory places on the internet (4chan extension).

Chrome can't do that, and until it can, it's a nice browser with limited functionality.  



I like it, quick and straight to the point.


B. Tetreault

For anyone who has not seen the ad here is a link for you.


Official Google Blog: Google Chrome ads on TV



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