Google Upgrades Gmail for Stubborn IE6 Users



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What many people fail to realize is that large companies with over 10,000 employees are still using IE 6 with Windows XP, as it was the version that comes with the OS.  Larger companies don't feel that they need to upgrade there browsers because frankly there employees should not be on the interent check mail or reading PC magazines while they are working...  But thanks to Gmail, those that do sneak online and check there mail now can view it easier and quicker then before, actually taking lest time to be online and more time to do work.. 

As being employeed by one of these companies, that actually supplies parts for the Tech market for most of the PC's and cell phones people have, we are still in the dark ages when it comes to software. But why do you need to upgrade if there is no use for it?  Actually our company just rolled out the upgrade from Win NT to Win Xp a little under a year ago, replacing all of our worn out Pentium 3 PC's with Core 2 processors machines.  Only took 8 years to upgrade. 

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