Google Updates Search Algorithm to Punish Low-Quality Content



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Good, now if I Google something about a tech issue that I'm having I won't get redirected to a 2 sentence ad-laced bullshit site.



How will it determine if a site is "a low-value" site based on not "being very useful"? I think human input would be a better determinant than an algorithm, but then again, a site may get hit with a bunch of illegitimate down-rankings if humans were able to do so.

Kind of OT: Being that I like graphic/Web design, I have a critical eye for a site's looks and layout. Just last week ago, I went on Berkshire Hathaway's main page while doing some research in my Econ class, and I was disgusted! A VERY LARGE corporation (Fortune 500) with NO elements of good web design! It looks like it was fabricated in Microsoft Word! Take a look for yourself to see what I mean. A Fortune 500 company's main portal doesn't need to be flashy (literally and figuratively :P) but it should be presentable!!!

Warren Buffet may be a little too frugal... :)



Buffet is famous for saying that he didn't understand dot com companies. Looks like the web is still a mystery to him.

Anyway non of my spam sites have been affected by Google's algo change.

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