Google Tweaks Search Algorithm for Fresher Results



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Whenever I'm researching stuff on Google, I pretty much always set the date value to show searches within the last month or year.  I would like if they could make your date searches more restrictive by offering more options, such as to the day.


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Forgive the possible noobness, but how do you set the date value when searching google? Is this in the regular page? Or a more "advanced search" i don't know about?



When you do a regular search, on the left side there's a panel that says stuff like "Everything Images Shopping".  If it isn't visible by default, there should be a "Show Search Tools" text link.  Click it and there's a bunch of options for date ranges.

It's very useful when you want to pirate TV episodes that just came out....set it to past 24 hours, search the name of the episode, and wham bam.


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Ok cool, I've seen that before, just ignored it I guess. Thanks! 

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