Google TV Marred by Network Blockages



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This is a perfect example of what is wrong in America.  The companies in control of the media want to determine how we view the content.  NONE of them understand digital delivery or what is going on with consumers.  They want to control how we view media and are scared to death of anything that could challenge their iron-clad grip on how we view it.  I like the Google TV and what it represents, which is a step towards a free and open internet / TV experience.  It's not even really built to "cancel cable" like these dumb companies are worried about.  It's made to integrate the internet INTO your existing cable/TV line to combine them.  If someone is going to cancel their cable and just have internet, they are going to make an HTPC, most likely, as their media hub.  Doing this crap is just going to piss people off more and further show what greedy pigs these companies are.  What is the reason they won't allow Google TV to access their content?  They don't know how to charge us for it.  Period.



"it is ultimately the content owners' choice to restrict their fans from accessing their content on a platform"

-Ouch- I can almost see the air quotes surrounding THEIR FANS!

The 'BIG G' thinks it can take on TV media now too? This could be fun.





Google created a product in the best interest of their users, hoping it will be a hit.

The owners of the content Google is helping to distribute don't like it, so they are blocking it.

I am sure in the end, the users will pick who they want to be the winners, and everyone will go away happy.

The only thing that could mess this up, is if the government gets involved, and thinks they know what's best.




This has NOTHING to do with the "free market" and everything to do with greed and control.  If it was left up to the consumer, we would probably make google tV a hit or at least do well.  Now, if you can't access all the network content you want to, simply because the companies don't want it to become popular and want more ways to CHARGE you for it, then how is that free market at all?  That's dictator like control of what we can buy to do what we want it to do.  The Google TV then become a victim to companies directing what can be done with it, rather than the customer deciding.  We can cry all we want but it won't make them let us view the media in a way they see detrimental to their business model. 


I would welcome the government getting involved and stopping the companies from monopolizing which devices we are allowed to watch TV on.  Just like I HOPE to god the FCC can regulate the Internet to stop companies from over-charging us for internet speeds that are far behind even third world countries, while charging us double or more the cost.  Oh and don't forget the wireless companies wanting to create a "premium" internet where they can charge us for "premium" content like say, youtube, hulu, or any other popular site we may want.  No, the fight for our media is between the government and the corporations who don't just want a piece of the pie, they want their cake and pie all to themselves while charging us for each bite.

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