Google Triumphs in Blind Search Engine Taste Test - Or Does It?



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I tried 3 different searches. 

1st : the name of my former band. I then voted for the column I saw the most related to and diverse infos : Google.


2nd I checked for a band I liked a lot when in college: Mudhoney, I was expecting a search engine to also point to the Russ Meyer movie of the same name, none did within the first few results. However, the one I chose had a link to their sub pop page as well as the ovious wikipedia and myspace pages. Which one? Google.

 Lastly I search my current employer. Yahoo gave only subdomains (,,, Bing added a few product sites but then again, Google offered the most comprehensive set of results.

 For 3 out of 3 searches I prefered results from Google. I think I`ll stick to "Google is your friend" motto. 



If just once the results of one of their so-called "independent" tests would admit that Microsoft weren't the supreme beings of the universe, I might give a little creedance to some of their claims. They do some good work, but only serve to have that work minimalized when they claim to be the best at everything they do. They are not.



I'm not a big fan of this test, because search results aren't the only reasons why I prefer Google.  I like the speed at which the results are generated, the minimalistic interface, and how it integrates with the other Google services.

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