Google Toying with "Streaming" Search



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Mighty BOB!

Watch the CO2 emissions skyrocket.



...if you have a lot of time on your hands and your boss don't mind that you are really really distracted every time you try to figure something out. Or, really good tool for tools that need to be told what they are searching for.

Or, from a corporate advertiser point of view AKA Google Stock, perhaps a really good selling point for sneaking in advertisements or to make more money per click - after all, that is the point isn't it? It does not have anything to do with you or your search. We are printing money over here. It's business.


nHeroGo need to spend more time click around more, and make that enjoyable. You need to spend more time searching than checking your FaceBook. Turning searching into an "experience" (old buzzword) so Google can make more money - that is the busniness idea. Maybe it will work.



I can't actually view the video right now, or the Google blog, but it seems like this feature should be more streamlined. It doesn't make sense for it to be dynamic right off the bat. It should start after some limit of characters, over 3 or 4, maybe. Also, it makes no sense for it to update the entire page ; instead, it should only update the first 5 results (and be streamlined only to search for highly ranked results) and then allow for more results to be loaded by hitting 'enter'. This is since the search button is rendered useless by the dynamic effect, and will limit the learning curve in changing habits, since we usually type and hit enter at Google nowadays. Google ads will also have to be loaded more exclusively and be limited as with search results.



I ran into this once. I found it really anoying as it kept trying to guess what i was searching it sorta got it in the way of the search.



most people can type faster than the speed of the search updating itself.  i think it would slow the browser down and/or delay your typing.  

google, you're awesome.  but some things that work should be left alone.  dont fix it, it aint broke.

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