Google Testing Wireless Music Streaming System



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Saw this coming all along, Price will be less of an issue to overall value and utility combined with user friendliness. Makes lots of sense to add networking functions into a single, low powered device that connects to cable (rather than a modem and DVR) that can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual.



I would be interested in:
1) music streaming
2) video/television streaming to mobile devices
3) a better android-based clock radio (I have Sony Dashes now).
4) Tie in with home security system (like zwave)
5) links with Home storage / NAS devices
5) etc.

Basically, Android would become the O/S for everything at home (oh, by the way, also linking to the Windows-based or Apple-based networks/devices).



Swell. Another opportunity for Google to monitor and sell you. I really want a music service provided by the world's biggest threat to privacy.

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