Google Street View Cars Grabbed Payload Data Off Open Wi-Fi Networks



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Your new google android phone sniffs your own WI-II connection, snookers the pass word, than sets up any VPN to blast right through the firewall, as well as uploads your hard drive for archival purposes? No, that only happens in the films, right? Not sure that Google would certainly do this, but they're working night and day on this all open source software, a third party could do these items with, by just writing their very own code and also tapping into the particular APIs?


Kira Shannen

I was out of the country and I was looking for a car insurance Ireland could provide me. I've asked the employees there about Google Street View and we had a discussion about whether it is trusty or not. Although they said otherwise, I still believe that if Google is able to hatch into my car and take data while I'm driving, than it can take everything. Call me paranoid, but I'd rather have my data secured.


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Our privacy and personal information is important and should be always protected.

Great article!



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Yeah they can be shady at's the Big G; but the fact that people a) caught them and b) brought it to attention shows they aren't immune to public scrutiny for these acts. They also had a crackdown on selling backlinks because it was cutting into their adwords money. Great read, thx for posting.


Susan Riggs

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Sasha Cooper

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I've seen the google vehicles around my Bethel Maine land and always kept my network secure. The Florida web design company who designed my whole system put in excellent security measures.



Google Street View displays images taken from a fleet of specially adapted cars. Areas not accessible by car, like pedestrian areas, narrow streets, alleys and ski resorts, are sometimes covered by Google Trikes (tricycles) or a snowmobile.



This is exactly how every good company falls down the slippery slope of corporate greed.  Many years ago, Google acquired what was considered to be the biggest offender in personal intrusion... doubleclick.  Doubleclick engaged in placing cookies on a person's computer, referencing the site and other information.  Then, a person would visit another doubleclick-enabled site and read that cookie, then tagg the computer again.  Rinse-repeat and you start tracking a person's internet traffic.  So now we can identify their MAC addresses and marry that with a physical residence.  If you don't believe that Google is using this... you probably believe that Bill Clinton did not inhale and OJ is innocent.  Google makes billions of dollars a year in paid search and targeted advertising.  Woe is they day that Microsoft is king concering personal privacy.



They can have all the information they want from me xD As ong as they don't collect user-identifiable information.Or atleast not use it to let people mail me ads or something >_>

It's my drea mt owork with Google xD




They could probably identify you with barely any information. They are the ultimate nerds.



You use a different machine for the internet, right?  Your new android phone sniffs your WI-II connection, snookers your pass word, than sets up a VPN to shoot right through your firewall, and uploads your hard drive for archival purposes?  Nah, that only happens in the movies, right?  Not sure that Google would do this, but they are working night and day on all this open source software, that a third party could do these things with, by simply writing their own code and tapping into the APIs?  China didn't seem to have any problem disrupting Google, and at some point, we have to live with less features, in exchange for peace of mind?    



Anyone could have gotten that data with a little know-how or the right software. It just goes to show you that you should buy a high grade encryted proxy service if you plan on piggybacking on free wifi hotspots.



whats the worst google could do? sell you products you actually want?  They can have my information.


privacy is overrated, just another mass media scare tactic to make you watch the news.



 Why do so many people seem to actually trust Google?  Is it the free stuff?  Just because info is available doesn't mean I'm comfortable with it all being collected.  I'm glad Europe is taking someone to task for this.  We don't seem nearly smart enough.  If this was the NSA we'd all be screaming.

If Google were legit they'd drop this like a rock.

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Wardriving has been going on for ages, now suddenly it's a big deal just because Google did it?

Sorry, you've already surrendered your privacy when you broadcast a publicly accessible, open, wifi signal. It doesn't matter if Google, or anyone else, drives by and caches it. It's like standing in your front window naked and then blaming passersby for seeing you, taking a picture, and "violating your privacy".

I feel bad for anyone who has to go through all that data. 9,000 pages of "SSID: linksys". 



To me if it is an open connection then any and all info can be had.  Think of it like a supermarket.  The doors are unlocked, and people are free to go in and get what they need.  Now think of a bank vault.  Only certain people have access.  Same thing with wi-fi.  If it's unlocked then don't complain if someone uses it for whatever they want.



 I don't get it. Were they all blue pushing a bomb cart? SSID and MAC I understand, but this 'payload' seems very foreign to me outside of TF2...



YES! This post made it through the Spam Filter!


Michael Ellis

There is no legitimate reason for Google to even scan the SSIDs of networks let alone steal and record their data. This is rediculous. I would expect to see an article like this in some conspiracy website rather than on the news. What on earth was Google thinking? This is seriously creepy.

 In general, it seems that tech companies, facebook, are rapidly losing respect for basic privacy. I hope that in the future behavior like this is responded to with boycotts.

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It's not really stealing if you set it at the curb with a "take me" sign on it. They shouldn't have done it, but ultimately the data probably won't be used for anything even remotely harmful, if it's even used at all. It's not like they were hacking secured networks. 



Well there is nothing private about a SSID.  In fact there are some devices that use the nearby SSID to figure out it's location and tag pictures with geo coding.  Lots of SSIDs out there and a lot cheaper I guess to put in a little wifi chip than something that gets gps.  Thank about it you could go on google maps with your phone but can't get a gps signal no problem they can figure out your general location based of the SSID in the area.  Maybe even an app for finding open hot spots.

 I will say catching the payload part doesn't sound good.  But if you are not using security well don't act surprise.

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