Google to Stop Selling Nexus One Online



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"Under the Nexus One's current pricing model, only T-Mobile customers who are on an Individual plan qualify for the discounted handset pricing, which pegs the smartphone at $179. Everyone else -- including those who pay more for a Family plan -- have to shell out $529."

 Their pricing model is just crazy. Sprint has announced the pricing for the HTC Evo 4G and it will be $199, does not matter if you are new or existing customer. I can wait for June 4th for the Evo to release.



I love my Nexus One, so glad I took the risk and bought it.


About the Sense thing, ya Sense UI looks nice but I look at it this way...


I will get Android 2.2 the first day it comes out, can't beat that.


Ya sure I could root my phone, but I like having a warranty. 



Finally! I've been waiting to actually get some hands on experience with this phone. For those of us that don't want the Sense interface, this looks like the best phone out on the market right now.



Yeah!  It's not like you can turn off the Sense UI or anything like that.  Oh, wait.  You can. o_O

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